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Acoustode Tube Piezo Preamp

Acoustode Vacuum Tube PreampCOMING SOON – the Acoustode™ vacuum tube preamp especially for acoustic instruments fitted with piezo pickups. The signal-path is based on a NOS subminiature triode 6111 tube – tube notch/lowpass filter and tube phase inverter to achieve optimum gain and tonal balance when connecting acoustic instruments to guitar combos or PA. These tubes were manufactured to meet the stringent MIL-E-1 specification for reliability and designed for long service life under conditions of severe shock, vibration (20,000G!), high temperature and high altitude. The subminiature tubes represent the pinnacle of tube technology and offer more consistent musical performance than the early NOS germanium transistors.


  • All-Tube: 100% analog tube signal path based on a NOS Mil-spec subminiature 6111 tube
  • Tube notch filter: Smooth notch response to minimize phase-delay distortion
  • Phase Switch: Phase reversal switch – 0° (in phase) or 180° (inverted)
  • True Bypass: With Effectrode’s unique ‘anti-pop’ or ‘thump’ footswitching circuitry utilizing sealed, gold-contact relay to eliminate the possibility of dirty contacts degrading the sound and minimial internal audio path.

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