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Customer Comments

All of us guitarists are very lucky that you put such so much love into your work! I always feel it a privilege to own and have your incredibly musical labors of love here on my boards. Now with that said, I was hoping that you might multi-task and finish the Lux and Delay too ???? Thank you for all you hard work! I hope I speak for all Effectrodians when I say - we appreciate your amazing vision, skill and hard work!

Joe Caruso - U.S.A. - May 2015

I am an engineer in Chicago, Illinois. I have a Delta-Trem pedal (purchased on 2010 and containing the original tubes as supplied by Effectrode) that is used in a signal chain for recording guitar direct to tape via a Toft mixing console (no guitar amplifier). Having experimented with various processors and preamps in this signal path, I have found that using the Delta-Trem is crucial to achieving a convincing guitar tone in this direct recording setup. However, the best results have been produced using the Delta-Trem with the tremolo effect intensity turned all the way down, thereby using the pedal exclusively as a presence boost pedal.

Jeremy Horst - U.S.A. - November 2014

I have an older Delta-Trem that I love to death. It seems to give the signal the perfect boost or chime, even when the effect is turned all of the way down. Is this how you buffer the signal in the Delta? I feel strange about using it as a boost this way but it really gives the signal a chimey, bell like clean tone that I cannot get with my other boosts.

Todd Tepper - December 2013

I think I am on the waitlist for the new version of the Delta-Trem. I have the original version and absolutely love it. It's one of my all-time favorite effects - a little tricky getting used to the controls, but the sound is phenomenal, especially in stereo.

Greg Smith - U.S.A. - June 2013

I recently picked up a used DT-1A and am just blown away by how great it sounds, especially used in stereo. It's so hypnotic. This is one of the best sounding effects I've ever heard and by far the best tremolo.

Greg Smith - February 2013

I use the Delta-trem instead of my trem unit on my Super Reverb as it is far more dependable.

Jime Hinkle - April 2012

Well . . I'm so pleased am I with the Delta-Trem that I’ve now bought
the Phaseomatic and Tube-Vibe from your E-bay shop.

Robert Kemp - UK - March 2011

Got the tube in the post - thanks a million. I also managed to get my hands on a G.E. 5751 which has actually done the job perfectly, and I am using the 12at7 as a lovely subtle boost with the depth all the way down - sounds amazing. It's a bit like having two pedals in one now, trem and boost, depending on which output I'm using. Using it with my old narrow panel Champ, sounds very 3-D and full, best pedal I have ever played!

Steven Byrne

It was delivered yesterday and the baritone 'lows' came through beautifully. As I hoped, the Delta-Trem seems to be the best effect for this Tele baritone sound. Amazing job! My bandmates will surely be pleased.

Martyn Pratt - USA - February 2011

I used the Tube Tremolo you built on my last recording with great results, ping-pong feature, which is absent in nearly every tremolo pedal I was considering came in very handy, thanks! Happy New Year.

Tim - January 2011

The pedal sounds wonderful. I'm very pleased with it after much disappointment with other trem pedals. Thanks for putting out such a great product. I'm looking forward to exploring all the tonal options!

Sam Lee - - December 2010

This is an incredible tremolo; the absolute best I've ever heard in a vintage amp or otherwise. Worth every cent. But it is more than just a tremolo effect; it adds warmth and makes harmonics literally jump from my amps. When I'm not using the tremolo effect, I usually have the pedal engaged with the DEPTH knob fully anti-clockwise. This warms up even my most sterile amps and makes them chime like never before. No other boost/overdrive pedal I own even comes close to this. I have several high-end amps (Mesa(s), Dr. Z(s), Swart, Marshall) and the Delta-Trem really accentuates the harmonic content and warms up the front end on all of them.

Todd - Vancouver - August 2010

I am a player of 20+ years , and have to say that the quality, reliability, and tone of your Tube-Vibe and Delta-Trem is nothing short of AMAZING!!!! I have been wishing for a Tube Delay pedal ever since you boys hit the market, as a matter of fact I actually requested it to you when you first opened up shop. You couldn't ask for a better co-creator then Steve Rothery for the Tube Delay/Echo, so please, please put me on whatever list there will be to receive the first one's made. I will be waiting very patiently until then. Thanks Again for the tone.

Dave Ponte - USA - June 2010

This tremolo pedal far surpasses any other Tremolo effect I've ever used and really nails that vintage amp trem sound, it even makes my sometimes clinical sounding 'modern' amps sound like like the smooth buttery vintage models - excellent!!! I also must say that I'm loving the sound of the Delta-Trem with the depth all the way down which adds a lovely little warm boost - this boost sound alone is gorgeous mate then add on top the fantastic tremolo - stunning!!

Ed Oleszko - UK - June 2010


Brilliant pedal. Best tremolo I have ever played, no doubt. It's the most musical I've heard, can't turn it off. No matter what setting it's in, it's beautiful. I've tried lots of pedals searching for the tremolo in my head and this is it. Genius.

Vicente Muñoz - Spain - May 2010

Thanks for the prompt shipping. I received it and its a great unit, sounds lovely like my Vibra Chorus. Just ran my Moog into it and it works really nicely.

Mark Filip - UK - May 2010

I recently bought two Effectrode pedals: a Tube Drive and a Delta-Trem. I tried both pedals today and I simply couldn't be more happy!! I love their vibe!!!

Ricardo Wheelock - USA - Jan 2010

So, I got my Delta-Trem yesterday... Dude, I love it!!!! Even as a tube boost it sounds great! The tone is stellar!!!!

Kevin Kadish - USA

Absolute perfection to my ears. Just the most rich, delicious swirl I have ever heard. I was waiting for "the one" and it actually rendered my speechless when I heard it throbbing out of my amp. The tone was huge but yet perfectly seated within my sound. It just sounded - right. It ain't cheap but you get what you pay for. I play blues, roots and vintage soul music and this cannot be beat. Swampy throb, to a stage shakin' stutter. In a sentence this pedal makes me want to play guitar more than I did before I owned it.

Lenny Terenzi - Hell Camino - USA