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Can I use the Blackbird tube preamp with my guitar amp?

Absolutely – that’s what it was designed for. The Blackbird tube preamp is not only a versatile tool for recording full-bodied, rich guitar tones direct, it will also add multi-channel capability to vintage and boutique amps. Typically modulation effects such as chorus, delay and reverb should be placed after the output of the Blackbird and before the guitar amp input. Fuzz, compression and boost pedals work best before the Blackbird input. You can also place effects after the transformer DI out. In this case use an instrument cable with mono (TS) jack plugs and the balanced out signal level will drop 6dB to work at the same level as the standard output on the Blackbird. Think of the Blackbird outputs as a ‘send’ and your amp or desk input would be the ‘return’.