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Can I power my Effectrode pedal with ‘Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus’, ‘Cioks’ or other power supply?

For the Effectrode pedals with 3 tubes, such as Tube-Drive, Phaseomatic, etc the short answer is, ‘No’. The Voodoo Labs, ‘Cioks’, ‘Flatliner’ and ‘Trex Fuel Tank’ power supplies are designed or low-power transistor/opamp pedals and simply cannot supply enough juice for real vacuum tube gear. Effectrode pedals are more like tube amplifiers in their power supply requirements and demand high currents and voltages to operate correctly. A typical transistor pedal will use in the order of just a few milliamps, Effectrode pedals require a minimum of 1200mA.

However the PC-2A compressor, Mercury fuzz, Fire Bottle boost and Glass-A require around 550mA and it is possible to utilise some of the above power supplies to power them. Please make sure you check the specs to make sure the power supply can output a minimum of 550mA and do check the polarity is correct (center positive) otherwise you will damage your pedal.