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Hot Fuzz: The Mercury is now shipping!


Mercury fuzz pedals are now shipping. We built a batch of 100, which are all spoken for, however don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get hold of one as we will be building another batch, scheduled for release later this year. A word of caution though: the paint job on these new Mercuries is super bright, so make sure you have your sun-glasses on when you open the box!


  1. Etienne says:

    Hi all
    Got mine at noon today.
    Less than 24 hours between payment and delivery in France Wow!
    Great pedal as usual, will be chained with my first batch Mercury fuzz tonight…
    And a special thanks to Phil and Sam for their great support service.

  2. Amanda Catherine says:

    Wow. Shipped Monday morning, arrived Thursday morning before breakfast! That’s a fast hop to Oregon. I’m so excited. Looking forward to the Delta-Trem and Phaseomatic. Here’s hoping you have a great 2017. Your work and attention to build quality are much appreciated.

  3. Aynsley says:

    I collected mine yesterday, spent today enjoying it. Lovely!

  4. Eduard says:

    Hi Phil,

    I was wondering. Why do the Mercury fuzz and the pc 2a compressor have these very special NOS tubes, and effects like the tube vibe and drive more standard tubes?

    Love your pedalen

    Kind regards,


  5. Patrick Archambault says:

    Hi Phil,
    My Mercury is well seated next to the firebottle and the pc-2a .. I never find a fuzz that sounds awesome like this pedal !!

  6. Jorma Suni says:

    Hello Phil – Thank you for an outstanding product. And thank you to Sam too. The Mercury has given a new life for my 1979 Twin Reverb ultralinear. Not to mention my other amps. ATB Jorma

  7. Daniel says:

    Got the mercury today. (ordered yesterday – yes, this is super fast shipping)
    Could unfortunately play only one hour. Inspiring and heavenly sounding fuzz…man, I really love how it smells-)
    All the best,

    • Phil says:

      Hi Daniel, Thanks for letting us know you’re enjoying your Mercury fuzz and we’re delighted you like the smell (which is a standard feature of all Effectrode pedals!). Best regards, Phil

  8. JASON says:

    Hey Phil, I’ve got 6 electrode pedals plus 7 others. I need to power all of that. Should I really buy two atomic power supplies or can I use the smaller ones, fire bottle, mercury, comp, on the 12v high current section of a voodoo mine I power and I can just buy one atomic. I need advice.

    • Phil says:

      Hi Jason, I’m guessing the the Voodoo Labs PSU will struggle with Effectrode pedals. Can you tell me its maximum current draw? I don’t know if this helps but the Atomic will power two of the smaller pedals from one outlet. Regards, Phil

      • JASON says:

        I just gave my self a new mercury and an older phaseomatic. That joins a Blackbird, comp and fire bottle and tube vibe. I’ve got the the charismatic and vibe set on a two outlet expression pedal with reversible polarity meaning I can have both roll together or opposite of another.

        Its the voodoo mondopower. cool sounding name….lol. 40o milliamp “high current. And a few lesser 12 volt jacks like 300..” Its all slow to warm up and I don’t push it hard but I’m only playing little 61 Princeton….it works.

        Thank you for baring witness to my recognition to my acceptance of the eventual reality.

  9. JASON says:

    Phaseomatic instead of charismatic.


  10. Chris S says:

    Hi Phil,

    I’m guessing you’ve answered this before, but is the ECC83 driven compressor reviewed in Guitarist along with the updated Blackbird going to be more widely released? If so what’s the asking price?

    Many thanks,


    • Phil says:

      Hi Chris, We’re still finalising the price of the new Levelling Amplifier and will be making an announcement shortly. Best regards, Phil

  11. Alan says:

    new Blackbird has a presence switch rather than a bias control for different valves?, is this a mod i can have done to my Blackbird?

    • Phil says:

      Hi Alan,

      Unfortunately it’s not economically possible to modify the Blackbird – there would be so much work involved and it would make a real mess of the internals to even attempt it. Sorry.

  12. Raven says:

    Hi Phil,
    I heard you are releasing a ‘new’ Blackbird. Is this true? I WILL be purchasing a Blackbird and would prefer to wait if an update or revision is forthcoming.
    Also I just purchased a Tube-Vibe and Tube Drive. The pedals are hefty and beautiful and the sound is too. I want them all now ha

    • Phil says:

      Hi Raven, We’re not planning on making any changes to the Blackbird in the future. Any new releases will be the same as the model currently available. Best regards, Phil

  13. Richard says:

    Hi Phil,

    Is the April 2017 batch of Mercury Fuzzes already sold out?


  14. Eduard says:

    Hi Phil & Sam,

    Enjoying the Mercury Fuzz in the Netherlands! Many thanks for your outstanding pedals and your good service.

    When will the compressor be ready?

    Kind regards,


  15. Ben says:

    Hi Phil & Sam,

    I just received my Mercury Fuzz and I’m completely blown away! What a great-sounding Fuzz, congratulations!

    Knowing that the correct answer is “whatever sounds best”, do YOU have a personal recommendation (either from a technical standpoint or just experience) as to where I should place the Fuzz in the pedal chain with regards to a PC-2A Compressor? I normally run the PC-2A first in my chain and when I’ve used a Fuzz in the past, have put it first so that you get the interaction between the Fuzz and guitar’s pickup. Obviously, they can’t both be first, so what are your thoughts?

    Thanks again for such a great pedal !

  16. Ben says:

    Hi Phil.

    Unrelated to my previous post, I just hooked the Mercury Fuzz up ahead of my TD-2A Tube Drive and, uh, I think I’ve opened a rift in the space-time continuum and melted my face off…………..

    I can’t get this crazy grin off of my face! Truly amazing pedals!

  17. Danilo says:

    Hello Phil, just got my Mercury Fuzz and played for 02 hours in a row and I’m still looking for words to describe it completely, but it sounds incredible, something extraordinary. My question is: Where should I position my RMC 10 Wah before or after Mercury. Both settings seem to sound great. Can you help me?

    • Phil says:

      Hi Danilo, I usually recommend placing the Mercury fuzz first in the signal chain as this is a very high gain pedal and therefore sensitive noise at its input, that is it will amplify it. That said, there are many customers using all kinds of pedals before the Mercury, including wahs and obtaining excellent results. The reason for this is that there’s a school of thought that wahs and phasers should be placed before dirt boxes such a distortion, overdrive and fuzz boxes because they affect the tone settings you’ve dialed in – if placed before they don’t monkey around with the tone so much. But there are no hard-set rules and at the end of the day it’s really whatever works best for you. Hope that helps. Best regards, Phil

      • Eric says:

        Is the Mercury as sensitive to seeing the guitar pickups as other (older) models of fuzz pedals, or is it a standard high-impedance input that can sit anywhere in the pedal chain (aside from the gain and possible noise issue)?

        • Phil says:

          Hi Eric, The Mercury fuzz has 1MOhm input impedance, like a typical vintage Fender tube amp, so is not low impedance like some the fuzz pedals I think you’re describing. The Mercury does like to ‘see’ a guitar pickup connected directly to it though and in my experience this will yield the best tones and signal-to-noise ratio. That said, there are many Mercury owners who are happy using this fuzz in other parts of the signal chain, after buffer and other effects.

    • Phil says:

      Hi Danilo, Usually players prefer wah before fuzz, but given the Mercury likes to be connected directly to guitar it’s worth experimenting with placement here to find out which combination works best for you, that is either wah->Mercury fuzz or Mercury fuzz->wah. Best regards, Phil

  18. Troy says:

    For those above asking about signal chain sequence – the following works well for me on my Effectrode board but as Phil says it is worth just experimenting to see what you like:

    Mercury Fuzz > Fire Bottle > PC-2A Compressor > Glass-A > Tube-Vibe > Tube Drive > Blackbird > Levelling Amplifier.

    I sometimes add a wah-wah (either with or without other fuzzes – I like different flavours as the mood strikes) before the chain. This is a Chase Tone Gypsy Wah (I’ve had tons of wahs & this is the best that I’ve heard) which has an output buffer when switched on & is true bypass (& sans buffer) when off (great design – whatever you do wah-wise make sure that it is a true bypass wah & add the Foxrox output buffer to get it maximally compatible when in line before 60′s style fuzzes).

    & I could probably easily put the Glass-A between the Fire Bottle & the PC-2A. Regardless I think having it after the Mercury & Fire Bottle makes most sense either way. No matter what, the rest works well for me in terms of interactiveness with each other & with guitar volume knob interactions.

    Will probably then go Phase-O-Matic Deluxe then Delta-Trem when they come out – with delay du jour either between the two of those or maybe just before both. Hmmm, that will be 18 valves on that board alone at that point. Adding a couple of other judiciously placed fave boosters for variety & a true-bypass tuner (like the Turbo Tuner) that board will be done.

    Adding the Levelling Amplifier after all of the drives & fuzzes took it from “it just doesn’t get any better” to “oooo – it just got even better (& then some – that’s when the boost on the Levelling Amplifier gets switched on). Having the PC-2A before the drives eliminates the “compressor before or after dirt” dilemma. Okay, they’re both after the Mercury Fuzz – but that does give the option of having that hit the drives harder with the click of a switch.

    The main trick is setting things on each pedal to be subtle enough that they affect gain-based pedals downstream from them no matter what. Also: Taking et time to muse over what will open up & be achieved in this interactive capacity by using one placement over another will reap sonic rewards.

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