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There’s knobs and there’s Effectrode knobs

Davies 1510 knobs

Here’s a look at the first solid phenolic ivory 1510 knobs Davies Molding have custom made for Effectrode. This kind of quality 1510 knob has not been available until we started working with Davies last year to resurrect this classic design. Davies are an American company who have been in the knob manufacturing business for over 80 years. They know quite a lot about it! This is the way knobs used to be made back in the day.

The knobs are laser engraved to recess the marker lines which are then painted on by hand. This means the marker lines will not wear off as happens with pad printing on the surface. Phenolic resin is a superior material to ABS plastic which is used in the gaudy Taiwanese copy, which is prone to degradation in sunlight and it doesn’t age well at all. More often than not they crack as soon as the locking screw is tightened up. No such problems with the high quality phenolic knobs though – they’re much tougher and they look more classy too!


  1. Nathan Weekes says:

    These knobs look great! Which pedals do they come with or can they be ordered separately?

    • Phil says:

      Hi Nathan, Thanks for that. These ivory coloured knobs will be on the new Delta-Trem and Fire Bottle pedals. Yes you can purchase them separately. We expect to receive the first batch in the next two weeks. Best regards, Phil

  2. Jonathan says:

    I’m a bassist and I’m wondering Is the Tube Drive a good bass pedal?
    Thank you

    • Phil says:

      Hi Jonathan, Yes the Tube Drive works very well as a bass pedal. Sorry about the delay in responding – I’ve only just noticed your post.

  3. I have bought 5 different brands of knobs small cream 1510 and some copy’s I had black ones on my old Fuchs 50 of ,lost a few and wanted the same in cream .got some from eBay ,tubes and more so call1510 on eBay they all look and are the same …..crap. If you have new cream davies that are going on your pedals I want to buy some.this is a obsession with me I just want good USA knobs on my amp never thought it would be so difficult. Very happy you are working with Davies company and making good stuff again,I want in…….

    • Phil says:

      Hi Bruce, Thankyou for taking the time to give me feedback on the quality of our knobs. We currently have stock of ivory phenolic 1510 Davies knobs. If you contact Sam she’ll advise you of pricing. Best, Phil

  4. Ryan says:

    Do you have the ivory phenolic 1510 Davies knobs in stock?

    Thanks Ryan

    • Phil says:

      Hi Ryan, Yes we do. Regards, Phil

      • Phil says:

        Hi Chris, Glad to hear the Fire Bottle works great with the Tweed and Deluxe to give them a push and beef up your tone. It was designed around both these amps as I’m a huge fan of Leo Fender’s work back in the day. Thanks for your comments. All the best, Phil

  5. Eduard says:

    Hi Phil, what do you think of the a/da flanger reissue from a technical point of view? It is not tube based, but I have not seem flangers with tubes yet. All the flangers out there have bucket brigade chips. What would you consider to be a good flanger available in the market today from a technical point of view? Cheers! Love your pedals!!!!!

    • Phil says:

      Hi Eduard, My fav flanger of all time is the Electric Mistress because it has a beautiful rich, deep sound. I don’t have any experience of using A/DA Flanger so can’t comment on that one. Thanks for your feedback on Effectrode pedals! Best regards, Phil

  6. Eduard says:

    Thanks Phil. Are you ever going to make a flanger or chorus pedal or a spring reverb based on tubes? It surprises me that there are no or extremely limited options out there of these pedals with tubes. Would be really something if there would be an effectrode tube based spring reverb with the possibility to switch from a two spring to a three spring reverb! Can’t wait for the pc2a compressor!

    • Phil says:

      I have considered building a tube driven spring reverb and wah at some point. A tube flanger or chorus would be beast of a pedal though requiring a lot of tubes for a true tube flanger. All the best, Phil

      • Amanda Catherine says:

        Oh wow, Phil. A tube flanger… with lots of glorious tubes. Yes, please! So stoked about the Leveling Amplifier!!! I’m already on the list, it looks like the instrument will be amazing. Shame shame on me, I caught Lightning Boy lookin’ at me, and for a moment, I gave their compressor a thought. Now I can keep on with Effectrode aaaand have an adjustable knee! Yay!

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