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Our Leveling Amplifier is one of “Best Guitar Effects” pedals of the Year!

The Ultimate Leveling Amplifier

Our new Leveling Amplifier has been selected by “Best Guitar Effects” as one of their pedals of the year. This is real honour as these guys really do know their stuff when it comes to guitar effects – their pedal reviews are arguably the most comprehensive and in-depth you can find leaving no stone unturned.

We’re now working on building another batch of Leveling Amplifiers and anticipate Best Guitar Effects will review it early in the new year.


  1. Douglas Robertson says:

    Your accolades keep mounting!
    Congratulations, Phil! I hope 2018 is your best yet.

  2. Andy says:

    It’s a wonderful instrument. A tool from a classier era. Thanks Phil. Great pride in owning this one.

  3. Troy says:

    The Levelling Amplifier keeps delivering in new applications. Here’s one use that some might find helpful – pushing a great crunch tone on an amp & also providing something extra to a lead tone when kicking in an overdrive pedal.

    I spent some time dialling in new Effectrode tones with the bridge pickup on one of my Les Pauls hitting the Tube Drive recently. Going into the more vintage gain mode of my Marshall Vintage Modern 50w head that I have set for dirtier tones (have a 100w that I leave set for cleans that I normally use with drives & boosts).

    I also love the higher gain mode of the amp too but the gain difference when kicking in the extra preamp valve in the dirt-tuned amp is too intense (gain that can be maxed out in “low dynamic range” mode needs to be rolled back by about half for “high dynamic range” mode), so it’s one or the other, rather than a two-channel amp.

    No problem, the Tube Drive into the maxed out gain in lower drive mode (which by itself is still pretty mild by so-called “modern” standards, think cranked JTM 45) sounds even better (& provides more control) than an optimally dialled in high gain mode on the amp.

    Kicked on the LA-1A after it & it took the tonal radiance to a new intensity. The synergy between these valve tone devices when stacking them in series is a wonder to experience. Way more of a batter thing rather than “too much of a good thing” I didn’t even think to kick on the LA-1A’s boost this time. Something to look forward too for next time!

  4. Kevin says:

    I’m interested in the Leveling Amp. Would like to be notified when available.


    • Phil says:

      Hi Kevin, Your name has been added to our Leveling Amplifier waiting list. We’ll notify you as soon as it becomes available. Best regards, Phil

      • Daniel Urgo says:


        I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season. I have most of your pedals and am in love with all of them. I would definitely like to be on the waiting list for the Leveling Amplifier please. Thanks so much for your constant genius.

        Daniel Urgo

  5. Justin Wiggins says:

    Hello I would like to be on the waiting list please, this seems amazing.

    • Phil says:

      Hi Justin, I’ve passed your details on to Sam and she’ll make sure you are on her waiting list for the Leveling Amplifier. Thankyou, Phil

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