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Binson Echorec components

The Effectrode Echo-Delay™ (used to be the Magneto-Tron but we’re still working on the name). Tape/drum tube driven delays with several playback heads (multi-tap) are my all time favourite effect because they’re such an inspiration to use. You can play rhythmic patterns or chord swells, then solo over them to come up with whole compositions without needing the rest of the band (can be very useful!). The repeats and swells of ‘Binson’ Echorec are lush and ethereal and when pushed to the edge of self-oscillation the Echorec becomes a sound synthesiser as well an effects processor – a musical instrument in it’s own right!

The idea is to duplicate the original Echorec signal path using modern tubes, polyester capacitors and precision metal film resistors. The tube heaters will be powered with the D.C. and the H.T. for the tubes will be fully regulated and smoothed to keep hum and hiss to an absolute minimum. Also, I’m working on replicating what engineers call the transfer function of the Echorec memory system (the head and drum assembly). The transfer function describes how the combination of high and low pass response and saturation alters a signal being fed into the system. The memory system is the heart of the Echorec sound. What it does to the delayed signal is just beautiful, creating dimensional, ethereal repeats that swirl and degrade into a lush wall of sound. It’s very important to get this right and so far, impossible to replicate with BBD, digital or modelling technology. Effectode aims to replicate this by undertaking measurements of the transfer function of real Echorecs and distilling the essential characteristics of the tone. The transfer function will then be replicated with analogue components – inductors, capacitors, resistors and authentic Echorec heads -and the delay line will be created with custom digital delay circuitry.

The aim is to keep as much signal processing in the analogue domain as possible and use the delay circuitry only to create the delay – no filtering, distortion, saturation, etc. All this will be done with analogue circuitry that is an accurate replication of the original Echorec. The advantage of this technique is that will enable much longer delays than the original of 300ms and make it feasible to add tap-tempo. To summarise, I’m aiming to get as close to the original Echorec sound, however add some modern bells and whistles like tap-temp and longer delays in the region of a second.

Check out the ‘Whitepapers’ section for more background about where this delay is coming from.


  • All Tube: 100% pure analog vacuum tube audio path operating at amp plate voltages. D.C. powered tube heaters ensure quiet operation
  • Tap Tempo: Via footswitch or external momentary footswtich or tap temp control pedal such as Time Traveler.
  • Multitap: Four delay lines accurately replicate the four Echorec playback heads.
  • ‘Magic-eye’ Level Indicator
  • True Bypass Switching: With Effectrode’s unique ‘anti-pop’ or ‘thump’ footswitching circuitry utilising sealed, gold-contact relay to eliminate the possibility of dirty contacts degrading the sound and minimial internal audio path.

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