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Spock’s Brain: First Effectrode Binson Echorec Rebuild

Binson Echorec Circuit Board

My first Binson Echorec rebuild is reaching completion. It’s been an incredibly time consuming and complicated process – a bit like that episode of Star Trek where McCoy has to reconnect Spock’s brain. The rebuild has included completely stripping the unit down to remove all the panels to strip and respray them, complete rewire and replacement of any aging components. I even rebuilt the multi-section Sprague electrolytic filtering capacitor to … Read More →

Echorec Oil Bottle Mounting Clip

Echorec oil bottle mounting clip

Today I installed the the motor which is secured by three bolts via rubber anti-vibration mounts to the top panel. You can see these in the background of this picture. In the foreground are the oil bottle and spare fuse mounting clips. I just love the way the paint job on this Echorec came out – the quality and depth of finish is like a custom automotive paint job.

Binson Echorec End Plate

Binson Echorec end-plate

Today’s Echorec update. Here’s a first look at one of the repainted end-plates after it had been refitted to the chassis. Not a trace of the blue paint remains. I even cleaned the heads of all the panel screws. The project is slowly coming together.

Echorec Circuit Board After Cleaning

Echorec circuit board

Here’s a picture of the circuit board after it has been rewired and cleaned. Isopropyl alcohol was used to remove the flux from when the unit was originally built in 1968. The circuit board was amazingly grimy and dirty.

Echorec Motor Wiring

Echorec motor wiring

Not much to say here. Just make sure the wiring is done as shown in the photograph and the motor should be a dream to install back into the the Echorec chassis!

Echorec Multi-Section Electrolytic Capacitor Rebuild

Echorec multi-section electrolytic capacitor rebuild

The electrolytic power supply capacitor in an Echorec will almost certainly need replacing. This is because the electrolyte slowly evaporates away just like when the acid level drops in a car battery, however unlike a car battery you can’t top up a capacitor with water. As the electrolyte drys up the capacitor loses capacitance and it’s internal resistance can also become lower degrading performance. The capacitor needs replacing. The Echorec … Read More →

Echorec Input-Output Selector Switch

Echorec input and output selector switch

Here’s a close-up of the guts of the channel selector switch. The Echorec allows you to select one of three input sources and each is assigned to a different output. The switch has been thoroughly cleaned with ‘Servisol Super 10′ and the old coax wiring replaced with Van Damme miniature 2.6mm diameter coloured coax cable.

Echorec Head Selector Switch

Echorec head selector switch

Here’s a close-up photo of the Echorec head selector switch. I’m really pleased with my wiring on this as it’s a bit neater and tidier than the original Binson wiring. Great care should be taken with desoldering the old wires to avoid breaking any of the solder tabs around the edge of the switch – this 12-way switch is a unqiue part so is effectively irreplacable, unless anyone knows of … Read More →

Echorec Degradation

Binson Echorec Degradation

Oozing, sweating and melting like slimey animal over the circuitry. Here’s a closeup of wiring inside an old Binson Echorec delay unit. This problem seems to be unique only to Binson – goodness knows where the Italians got their wire from! Both the single conductor and coax wiring have this disease. The state of the wiring can be deceptive. It may look okay, even quite pristine, however after a little … Read More →