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Effectrode in the movie industry!

The farnsworth

A while back Effectrode was asked if we could help out making props for the science fiction television series, ‘Warehouse 13‘. Being a complete geek, my answer was, of course, yes. One of the prop makers had discovered our effects pedals that utilised subminiature tubes on the Effectrode website and wanted us to supply these tubes, along with a few other retro electronics components, such as coils, old brown polyester … Read More →

Wanted: Wrecked Echorec Drums for Scientific Research

Echorec drum

Can anyone help? I’m looking for old, damaged or beaten-up Binson Echorec drums so that I can undertake a close and thorough examination of them. This will include making accurate measurements of dimensions and taking close-up photographs (possibly electron micrographs) as part of an ongoing project to create accurate engineering drawings, parts lists and document and preserve knowledge on these fabulous old delay-echo machines. My main interest is in determining … Read More →

Mercury Rising

Mercury vacuum tube fuzz

Well not strictly true – the Mercury fuzz is actually the only of our effects pedals to utilise solid-state components in its signal path – N.O.S. (new old stock) germanium clipping diodes. It’s a killer combo – the bluesy warmth of tubes combined with the harder, edgier sound of germanium generates some devastatingly smooth and syrupy fuzz sounds. There’s no other fuzz pedal like it and the really good news … Read More →

PC-2A Compressor Giveaway!

Chance to win a Pc-2A compressor

Here’s another rare opportunity to get hold an Effectrode pedal for free! For more information check out Best Guitar Effects website where they will be giving away a PC-2A Photo-Optical Tube Compressor pedal. Definitely not to be missed!

Pink Noise, Distortion and Overdrive.

David Gilmour with the Blackbird preamp

You’ll find the Blackbird tube preamp in all the best places. Here’s one sitting pretty in David Gilmour’s studio around the time of Pink Floyd recording their latest album ‘The Endless River’ along with an Effectrode Tube-Vibe, PC-2A Compressor, Fire Bottle boost and Mercury fuzz. Phil Taylor (David’s long standing guitar tech) was involved in audio testing many Effectrode pedals, especially the Tube Drive, PC-2A and Fire Bottle. All Effectrode … Read More →

Hear the ‘Blackbird’ tube preamp on John Verity’s new album, ‘My Religion’.

John Verity - My Religion

“Quite simply the best thing I’ve done” says John (affectionately known as ‘JV’) when asked about his latest album, My Religion. The CD will be released on March 19th 2016 at an event at Backstage at the Green Hotel, Kinross, Scotland. When you look at the breadth of JV’s career, then this must be something special. John Verity has supported rock luminaries such as JIMI HENDRIX, JANIS JOPLIN and THE … Read More →

‘In the know’ about tubes

Materials and Techniques for Electron Tubes

Being a total anorak I’m always curious as to what makes a good tube. By ‘good’ I mean low noise, low microphony and reliable. That seems pretty straight-forward, but I have to say that manufacturers and tube vendors these days aren’t exactly forthcoming with information about the construction and materials used in their tubes. This stuff is really, really important for good sound quality and guitar tone. The quality of … Read More →

Mad March Giveaway!

Giveaway 3 2016

Each weekend during March, we will be offering one lucky Facebook user the chance to win a bunch of Effectrode Goodies. Go to our Facebook page to enter. https://www.facebook.com/effectrode Rules ┬áThis competition is open to all Facebook users 18 years of age or older, excluding employees of Effectrode or anyone else connected with this promotion. The competition is run by Effectrode. Each Friday during March 2015 a Facebook Giveaway will … Read More →

Killer Tone!

Killer Tone

“Tubes: The Best Tone. Period.” Well I’m certainly not going to argue with that. I’m always a sucker for vintage tube advertising and was struck by this excellent piece of retro style artwork by Simon H., an artist based in Cleveland. His art really captures the vibe of that special golden era of tone. But just what is it about tubes that makes them sound so ‘killer’ for guitar? This … Read More →

$50,000 tube preamp in a pedal

Blackbird tube tone engine

I’ve used a little artistic license with the title of this blog post, however be assured it is technically accurate and true – the Blackbird preamp pedal really is based on exactly the same tube circuitry and design ethos found in vintage custom tube amps that have exchanged hands for up to $50,000. These amps command hefty price tags because they’re a rare commodity, being bespoke, one-off creations built for … Read More →