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Model PM-3A Phaseomatic Deluxe Update #2

Cardboard hole templates

Welcome to my wonderful world of research and development. The photo shows cardboard tempates made from a ‘Weetabix’ cereal packet for hole cut-outs on the Phaseomatic phaser and Delta-Trem tremolo (yes, I’ve revised the prototype…Again) pedals. Both these effects have gone through extensive redesign and there’s a lot more to them, which is why they’ve taken so long to complete. We’re almost there though. It’s always a very exciting time … Read More →

Binson Echorec Pages Revised & Updated!

Tiptop Binson Echorec

Our Binson Echorec pages have been substantially revised and updated. Within these pages you’ll find everything you need to keep your vintage Echorec ‘Baby’, ‘Export’(4-knob) or ‘B2′(6-knob) tube delay-echo running like a dream machine – it’s all here! Schematics demystified, how to obtain parts without paying through the nose, fascinating historical information and detailed, in-depth technical articles on how to maintain and service your Echorec to get the absolute best … Read More →

It’s official – we’re circuit board experts!


Well according to ‘Guitarist’ magazine we are. We were recently contacted by them to write a short article on the merits and disadvantages of circuit boards compared with point-to-point wiring on tag boards. You can read the full article in their special 400th issue and find out more about Effectrode’s unique silver-plated circuit boards here.

First glimpse inside the new Effectrode workshop

Effectrode workshop/studio

For over twenty years been a dream of mine to have my own dedicated work studio and this summer that dream was realised. In April a team of local builders began laying the foundations down and over the next three months, brick by brick I saw my new workshop rise up. I was so enthusiastic about this historical milestone event for Effectrode that I made a time-lapse video of the … Read More →

A thing of beauty – the Mullard ECC83

Mullard ECC83 valve

This photo shows a new old stock Mullard ECC83 tube manufactured at their Blackburn works in 1966. Note the fineness and precision of the electrodes inside the glass envelope – they really don’t make tubes like this any more. The high grade materials, high purity metals and precision construction are an engineer’s dream. This tube possesses exceptionally low noise and microphony making it an excellent choice for use in the … Read More →

What’s the story with vintage Mullard yellow-print tubes?

Yellow-print and white-print Mullard ECC81 tubes

There’s a popular misconception that the yellow-print Mullard tubes were manufactured using higher quality materials and construction than white-print tubes or that they were specially selected for their superior quality. This myth may have arisen because within weeks of Mullard’s yellow print era ending, they made other changes to production, including discontinuing using copper plate posts in their ECC83′s. However there are plenty of older white-print tubes with copper posts … Read More →

Mullard Metal Powder Blending Facility

Mullard Blackburn powder blending facility

Last year I visited the semi-derelict site where the once magnificent Mullard used to manufacture some of the finest tubes in the world. Here is a picture of the rear of one the old buildings that were used for metal powder blending. Metal powder was blended on site to make the heater for the valve. It was then sintered, and then taken to the wire factory. The blending process was … Read More →

Model PM-3A Phaseomatic Deluxe Update #1!

Phaseomatic tube phaser front panel

This evening’s work – laying out the front panel for the new Phaseomatic tube phaser. Second hand Phaseomatic pedals are exchanging hands for over double their original retail price on Ebay, so since there is a demand we thought it was time to bring the design back for 2016 with a few new features including: Tap tempo Dual L.F.O.s Two CV inputs to control speed and width Loads more waveform … Read More →

There’s nothing we can’t fix!

Old Phaseomatic phaser effects pedal

This old Phaseomatic tube phaser pedal came in for service earlier this week. This model was one of the first with multiple waveform options (square, triangle, sine sawtooth and several stepped waveforms) and resonance. Over the last few months we’ve received requests from several guitarists about resurrecting the Phaseomatic. Are you interested? If so, let us know so we can schedule another build next year. This new model (the PM-3A) … Read More →

Flavours of Distortion

All Flavours of Distortion

Distortion is the key to creating all those legendary guitar solo sounds by the players such as David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, Brian May, etc, but is has to be the ‘right’ kind of distortion and applied judiciously. This article takes a look at the different flavours of distortion Effectrode has on offer, delving into ‘Mercury’ fuzz, ‘Tube Drive’ overdrive and ‘Blackbird’ preamp pedals to investigate what they actually do to … Read More →