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Effectrode is the last word in Tone! - Guitar effects pedals crafted using handselected
miniature or N.O.S. subminiature vacuum tubes and finest audio-grade components.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Effectrode

“It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes or bags!… Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! “Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more!” — Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Wishing you a magical Christmas and a peaceful new year. The Effectrode Team

Fragile: Guided Missile Parts Inside!

Fragile: guided missle parts inside

It never ceases to amuse me when I see a carton of N.O.S. military spec. tubes labelled ‘Fragile’. These tubes are good for 80,000 feet altitude (getting on the edge of space), 500G impact acceleration (equivalent to the ‘Blackbird’ spy plane hitting a mountain at mach 3) and immune to gamma radiation. What to they think the postal service are going to do to them!?

John Verity – Tone Hound

John Verity Tone Hound

“Best known for his tenure with Argent in the 70s, John Verity has maintained a long and influential career. Still gigging with acclaim with both acoustic and electric outfits, his search for the ultimate blues tone continues, and here he’s nailed a classic British take on the genre.” – The Musician – Journal of the Musician’s Union Autumn 2014 You can find out more about John’s latest album, ‘Tone Hound’ … Read More →

Mercury Fuzz Update!

Mercury vacuum tube fuzz pedal

We’re very close to shipping the new Mercury tube fuzz pedals. This will be the first time I’ve got my act together to ship out a new pedal design before Christmas – a serious milestone for Effectrode! The circuitry of the Mercury fuzz is very similar to the Helios fuzz, however the N.O.S. blackplate Philips 6112 tube in the Mercury is a much more efficient emitter of electrons than the … Read More →

Delta-Trem Owner’s Manual is now online

Delta-Trem Owner's Manual

The Delta-Trem tube tremolo owner’s manual is now online. I’m really pleased with the way these manual covers are coming out – they are design classics in their own right. The Delta-Trem has been out of production for 5 years with a small batch of 100 made back in 2009. We aim to be shipping these beautiful pedals again in spring/summer 2015!

Announcing the ‘Mercury’ Vacuum Tube Fuzz

The Mecury Tube Fuzz Pedal

The new ‘Mercury’ fuzz pedal will be available in limited quantities by mid-December. This very special limited edition fuzz is based on a N.O.S. (new old stock) Philips subminiature tube and vintage N.O.S. point contact germanium diodes. These little tubes represent the absolute pinnacle of vacuum tube technology and feature double getter mounts for very low microphony. Additionally, we select only the best, lowest noise tubes from a batch and … Read More →

Brassed Off About Washers!

Effectrode footswitch washers

After spending many hours trawling the internet for a supplier of quality M12 and M10 washers for Carling footswitches and Neutrik jack sockets Effectrode has taken the decision to custom manufacture our own washers to our own specs. That is, shiny nickel plate on top of solid brass. These are the materials they should be made from and used to be back in the day when Hi-Fi was at it’s … Read More →

Better Tone with Double Mount Getters!

Tube Getter

Did you know that the ‘Effectrode’ PC-2A Compressor, Fire Bottle boost and Mercury fuzz use N.O.S. Philips subminiature tubes with double mount getters? The double mount getter and small electrodes ensure very, very low microphonics and high reliability. These tough little tubes were developed during the Second World War for missile guidance electronics. They are some the finest tubes ever made! You can find out more about these tough little … Read More →

The Endless River

David Gilmour recording in his home studio

Here’s a nice picture of David Gilmour playing his famous black Strat. In the foreground are some of is effects pedals including an Effectrode Tube Drive, Fire Bottle Tube Boost, PC-2A Tube Compressor,  Helios Tube Fuzz and a Tube-Vibe. You can watch the full video online which is part of Pink Floyd’s promotion of their new album, ‘The Endless River’.

Spock’s Brain: First Effectrode Binson Echorec Rebuild

Binson Echorec Circuit Board

My first Binson Echorec rebuild is reaching completion. It’s been an incredibly time consuming and complicated process – a bit like that episode of Star Trek where McCoy has to reconnect Spock’s brain. The rebuild has included completely stripping the unit down to remove all the panels to strip and respray them, complete rewire and replacement of any aging components. I even rebuilt the multi-section Sprague electrolytic filtering capacitor to … Read More →