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Old Curiosities: The Big Green Phasing Machine

big_green_phasing machine_960px

I recently discovered this old photograph of a prototype 8-stage tube phaser effect ‘pedal’ I built using tag-boards back in the the late 1990s. This beast had quite a few tubes in there, including a magic-eye, 5 x 12AT7s and 3 x 12AX7s, more tubes than a Binson Echorec model T7E! The high-voltage transformer was made by a British company called Danbury Electronics. The solid-state circuitry on the veroboard is … Read More →

Serious Knobbage!


The Tube-Vibe and Tube Drive pedals now feature custom manufactured Dakaware knobs with brass inserts and engraved, hand-painted marker line which will not wear off over time – designed and manufactured to be of the highest possible quality! Both pedals will be back in stock again shortly.

Tube Modulation Effects!


The Phaseomatic Vaccum Tube Phaser and Delta-Trem Raysistor Tremolo-Panner are getting closer to realisation. The designs are complete – we’re debugging and fine-tuning these designs to get them as close to perfect as possible. Release date to be announced shortly.

Our customers are better at manufacturing effects pedals than we are!


Just take a look at this gorgeous expression pedal. A Tube-Vibe owner contacted us a while back asking if we made an Effectrode expression pedal for the Tube-Vibe. We don’t, so undeterred he just went ahead and built his own — he even matched the purple paint job perfectly (RAL 4007). Our customers are getting better at manufacturing effects pedals than we are!

Custom Relic’d Tube-Vibe Anyone?


I’m beginning to think we’ve been in the effects pedal business so long that Effectrode designs are looking truely vintage, if not antique, if not ancient. This has to be the most battle-scarred, dirty, grungy, gigged Tube-Vibe that’s ever come back to the workshop for servicing. Seriously, the surface of the moon has less dings and bashes on its ruined 4 billion-year old surface than this old Tube-Vibe. Right let’s … Read More →

Any Old Triodes


Effectrode effects pedals are built on a relatively new kind of vacuum tube technology — miniature and subminiature tubes. These glass base tubes gradually superceded tubes with bakelite mounting bases, for example, the 6SN7 dual triode, which was replaced by the 12AU7. The fact that the 12AU7 did not require a bakelite base not only made it more cost effective to manufacture, but it was smaller and it required less … Read More →

Hot Fuzz: The Mercury is now shipping!


Mercury fuzz pedals are now shipping. We built a batch of 100, which are all spoken for, however don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get hold of one as we will be building another batch, scheduled for release later this year. A word of caution though: the paint job on these new Mercuries is super bright, so make sure you have your sun-glasses on when you open the box!

Mercury in Transit

New Mercury fuzz graphics

‘Mercury’ fuzz pedal enclosures are just back from the paint shop! This latest batch of 100 pedals will feature new graphics ― a very high quality stoved epoxy silkscreen print ‘Mercury’ space capsule logo to commemorate John Glenn being the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth in 1962. The Effectrode Mercury fuzz is named after the space vehicle, or capsule, in which he did his 3 orbits of the … Read More →

Oldies But Goldies

Vibra Chorus pedal

This old Vibra Chorus pedal came in for servicing just before Christmas. We’ve not seen one of these pedals in a while as they’re quite rare – only 100 were manufactured back in 2008 – and seeing this Vibra Chorus again was like having an old friend come over and visit. The Vibra Chorus had blown an internal fuse and we soon had it fired up and running good as … Read More →

The Perfect Push for your Fender 5E3 Tweed

Fire Bottle and Fender 5E3 Tweed amp

The Effectrode ‘Fire Bottle’ boost pedal is back in stock. This little all tube booster is the perfect push for any vintage tube guitar amp effectively adding an additional 30dB of pure tube gain to drive the preamp stages of the amp into a rich overdrive. Even when playing a Fender ‘Strat’ fitted with single coil pickups you’ll be able to effortlessly achieve that beautiful fat, warm tone of a … Read More →