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Hot Fuzz: The Mercury is now shipping!


Mercury fuzz pedals are now shipping. We built a batch of 100, which are all spoken for, however don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get hold of one as we will be building another batch, scheduled for release later this year. A word of caution though: the paint job on these new Mercuries is super bright, so make sure you have your sun-glasses on when you open the box!

Mercury in Transit

New Mercury fuzz graphics

‘Mercury’ fuzz pedal enclosures are just back from the paint shop! This latest batch of 100 pedals will feature new graphics ― a very high quality stoved epoxy silkscreen print ‘Mercury’ space capsule logo to commemorate John Glenn being the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth in 1962. The Effectrode Mercury fuzz is named after the space vehicle, or capsule, in which he did his 3 orbits of the … Read More →

Oldies But Goldies

Vibra Chorus pedal

This old Vibra Chorus pedal came in for servicing just before Christmas. We’ve not seen one of these pedals in a while as they’re quite rare – only 100 were manufactured back in 2008 – and seeing this Vibra Chorus again was like having an old friend come over and visit. The Vibra Chorus had blown an internal fuse and we soon had it fired up and running good as … Read More →

The Perfect Push for your Fender 5E3 Tweed

Fire Bottle and Fender 5E3 Tweed amp

The Effectrode ‘Fire Bottle’ boost pedal is back in stock. This little all tube booster is the perfect push for any vintage tube guitar amp effectively adding an additional 30dB of pure tube gain to drive the preamp stages of the amp into a rich overdrive. Even when playing a Fender ‘Strat’ fitted with single coil pickups you’ll be able to effortlessly achieve that beautiful fat, warm tone of a … Read More →

John Verity blues trio blows roof off local village hall!

John Verity

For one night only the sleepy village of Barlaston was the crossroads for lovers of authentic, smokin’ blues-rock music. The little village hall, that normally finds use for more pastoral activities, such as Tai chi classes, village fetes, raffles, that kind of thing, was magically transformed into a high calibre blues venue by JV (John Verity, guitarist of 70s rock group ‘Argent’) and his band as they worked their special … Read More →

Good Vibes!


The Tube-Vibe has been away, but now it’s back in stock. Fitted with authentic Dakaware knobs! Now shipping.

Tube Drive is back in stock!

Tube Drive pedals are back in stock

That’s right, the Tube Drive is back in stock. If you’d like to find out more about about this phenomenal sounding high voltage, vacuum tube overdrive/distortion pedal then do take a look at the following article The Story Behind the Tube Drive.

Hmm… upgrades… for the Tube-Vibe!

Tube-Vibe tube upgrades

The Tube-Vibe was designed as an all tube version of the transistorised Uni-Vibe (as used by Jimi Hendrix), the ethos being to create a vibe effects pedal with the tonal charactersitics and ‘feel’ of a vintage tube amp. But great guitar tone isn’t just about construction and design, it’s also about metallurgy and materials, that is, the quality of the metal alloys, mica washers and glass used in the manufacture … Read More →

Binson Precision Engineering

Binson Echorec drum up close

Here’s a close-up picture of the the magnetic recording drum of a Binson Echorec delay machine showing how the recording wire wrapped around its circumference has been milled flat creating a smooth, mirror-like surface. This ensures the heads make excellent contact drum face for hi-fidelity recording and playback. You can find out more about the mysterious inner workings of the ‎Echorec‬ in this article Binson Echorec Memory System.

PC-2A Tube Compressor on tour with David Gilmour


Two of David Gilmour’s ‪PC-2A Tube Compressors‬ just in for a quick inspection and overhaul. Will be seeing these two little guys again in September when DG plays the Royal Albert Hall, London. Really looking forward to this – it’s going to be a great night out.