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John Verity blues trio blows roof off local village hall!

John Verity

For one night only the sleepy village of Barlaston was the crossroads for lovers of authentic, smokin’ blues-rock music. The little village hall, that normally finds use for more pastoral activities, such as Tai chi classes, village fetes, raffles, that kind of thing, was magically transformed into a high calibre blues venue by JV (John Verity, guitarist of 70s rock group ‘Argent’) and his band as they worked their special … Read More →

Good Vibes!


The Tube-Vibe has been away, but now it’s back in stock. Fitted with authentic Dakaware knobs! Now shipping.

Tube Drive is back in stock!

Tube Drive pedals are back in stock

That’s right, the Tube Drive is back in stock. If you’d like to find out more about about this phenomenal sounding high voltage, vacuum tube overdrive/distortion pedal then do take a look at the following article The Story Behind the Tube Drive.

Hmm… upgrades… for the Tube-Vibe!

Tube-Vibe tube upgrades

The Tube-Vibe was designed as an all tube version of the transistorised Uni-Vibe (as used by Jimi Hendrix), the ethos being to create a vibe effects pedal with the tonal charactersitics and ‘feel’ of a vintage tube amp. But great guitar tone isn’t just about construction and design, it’s also about metallurgy and materials, that is, the quality of the metal alloys, mica washers and glass used in the manufacture … Read More →

Binson Precision Engineering

Binson Echorec drum up close

Here’s a close-up picture of the the magnetic recording drum of a Binson Echorec delay machine showing how the recording wire wrapped around its circumference has been milled flat creating a smooth, mirror-like surface. This ensures the heads make excellent contact drum face for hi-fidelity recording and playback. You can find out more about the mysterious inner workings of the ‎Echorec‬ in this article Binson Echorec Memory System.

PC-2A Tube Compressor on tour with David Gilmour


Two of David Gilmour’s ‪PC-2A Tube Compressors‬ just in for a quick inspection and overhaul. Will be seeing these two little guys again in September when DG plays the Royal Albert Hall, London. Really looking forward to this – it’s going to be a great night out.

Can transistors really sound like tubes?

Tube and Transistor

“This is not even a topic for discussion as far as I’m concerned… there is no substitute for tube electronics in the hearts and minds of pros.” – Ritchie Fliegler, Vice President of marketing, Fender Musical Instruments Corp. Fliegler has hit the nail on the head – given the subtleties in guitar tube amp circuit design and the fact that tubes and transistors are radically different technologies, transistors certainly do … Read More →

Effectrode in the movie industry!

The farnsworth

A while back Effectrode was asked if we could help out making props for the science fiction television series, ‘Warehouse 13‘. Being a complete geek, my answer was, of course, yes. One of the prop makers had discovered our effects pedals that utilised subminiature tubes on the Effectrode website and wanted us to supply these tubes, along with a few other retro electronics components, such as coils, old brown polyester … Read More →

Wanted: Wrecked Echorec Drums for Scientific Research

Echorec drum

Can anyone help? I’m looking for old, damaged or beaten-up Binson Echorec drums so that I can undertake a close and thorough examination of them. This will include making accurate measurements of dimensions and taking close-up photographs (possibly electron micrographs) as part of an ongoing project to create accurate engineering drawings, parts lists and document and preserve knowledge on these fabulous old delay-echo machines. My main interest is in determining … Read More →

Mercury Rising

Mercury vacuum tube fuzz

Well not strictly true – the Mercury fuzz is actually the only of our effects pedals to utilise solid-state components in its signal path – N.O.S. (new old stock) germanium clipping diodes. It’s a killer combo – the bluesy warmth of tubes combined with the harder, edgier sound of germanium generates some devastatingly smooth and syrupy fuzz sounds. There’s no other fuzz pedal like it and the really good news … Read More →