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We’re in a bit of a rush

Glass-A tube buffer pedal

We’re in a bit of a rush. The first four ‘Glass-A’ tube buffer pedals needed to be shipped out to David Gilmour’s technician (the other Phil Taylor) so that he can intergrate them into David’s rig for their imminent tour. Things were so tight that we didn’t even have time to get the die-cast enclosures painted and printed, so we shipped them eau naturel giving Phil plenty of time to … Read More →

Glass-A Triode Buffer is Silver-loaded.

Glass-A triode buffer circuit board

The Glass-A triode buffer is built on a custom designed circuit board. The copper tracks are plated with pure silver, which is the best of all electrical conductors and superior even to gold. Additionally, the fibre glass board is coloured black and coated with a high-grade transparent solder resist for a truely distinctive and classy appearance. The Glass-A buffer pedals will begin shipping in late July.

Special delivery of knobs from Davies Molding

Package from Davies Molding

After many, many months of email and phone conversations we’re delighted to receive our first shipment of Dakaware, Chicago 1510 knobs from Davies Molding. These knobs are available in either in classic black or ivory (no gourdy, bright colours) and from this point forward all our pedals will come fitted with them as standard.

Super Quality Tubes

6112 Tube

Today I’ve been testing new old stock pencil tubes for the next batch of Fire Bottle tube boost pedals. The quality of these little tubes is phenomenal with zero failures and all the tubes are what I consider ‘A grade’ for microphony and noise. These U.S.A. manufactured ‘green-print’ tubes are some of the finest tubes ever made and I can really appreciate the high level of skill and workmanship that … Read More →

There’s knobs and there’s Effectrode knobs

Davies 1510 knobs

Here’s a look at the first solid phenolic ivory 1510 knobs Davies Molding have custom made for Effectrode. This kind of quality 1510 knob has not been available until we started working with Davies last year to resurrect this classic design. Davies are an American company who have been in the knob manufacturing business for over 80 years. They know quite a lot about it! This is the way knobs … Read More →

Silver-Plated Circuit Board in the New PC-2A Compressor

Silver-plated circuit board

The new batch of PC-2A photo-optical tube compressors are built using custom silver-plated circuit boards. This is a first for Effectrode and we’re really pleased to be able to announce this as silver is an excellent, in fact the best conductor of electricity, being better than even pure copper or gold. We’ve also added some supplemental information to our website on how to adjust the internal trimpots to tailor the … Read More →

Delicious! – The New Delta-Trem

Delta-Trem gold graphics

Here’s a first look at the new Delta-Trem vactrol tremolo enclosure – with deep chocolate paint with rich gold graphics it looks good enough to eat! I’ve spent a great deal of time (much more time than is commercially sensible) working on the redesign of the logo and graphics for this pedal but I wanted this tremolo pedal to look exceptional – as good as it sounds! The tube and … Read More →

Delta-Trem Tap Divide and Mulitply!

Cracking the Enigma Code

Just another quick update on the Delta-Trem Vactrol tube tremolo. I’m pushing hard to get this project wrapped up and into production this year. Today I completed debugging the tap temp divide circuitry – a real brain drain as I wanted to add tap mulitply too for a total of 8 different ratios including triplets. The photo shows some of my timing notes. As I laboured through the calculations for … Read More →

Back of the Beer Mat Calculations

Back of he beer mat calculations

Behind every gleaming Effectrode effects pedal there are a myriad of scribbled notes, countless experimental prototypes and endless testing and fault-finding. Getting a pedal design fine-tuned and ironing out all those small, but important details takes time and is a labour of love, which is why I have literally dozens of notebooks filled with such scribbles. This particular scribble is related to the Delta-Trem tap tempo circuitry. The project is … Read More →