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H1 Tube Signal Generator


After searching for many years I finally got lucky and managed to bag an Advance H1 sine/square wave oscillator/signal generator at a good price. The H1 is the exact same oscillator that BBC Radiophonic Workshop composer Delia Derbshire utilised to ‘play’ the melody to the original Doctor Who theme, which she arranged in 1963 – so not only do tubes make superb guitar amps and studio gear, they’re also good … Read More →

Merry Christmas from the Effectrode Team

Timberline Lodge in the snow

The picture above shows Timberline Lodge, which is nestled in the Cascade mountain range, Oregon just below the peak of Mount Hood. On an historical note, Effectrode pedals were manufactured in Corvallis, Oregon between 2004 and 2009 and I had a superb, almost panaromaic view of The Cascades from my office window on the fifth floor of Weniger Building at Oregon State University (my day job) – it was a … Read More →

Tesla Heritage: Are JJ Tubes the best modern tube manufacturer?

Tesla and JJ ECC83 compared

I’m always curious about getting the real story on the quality of modern manufacture tubes. Since the western tube manufacturing giants, Philips, Mullard, Tung-Sol, RCA, Sylvania and others ceased their production decades ago, today we’re left with just a handful of manufacturers, based in Russia, China and JJ Tubes in the Slovak Republic – the tube industry ain’t what it used to be. There’s no longer that vast pool of … Read More →

Ta-Da! Model PM-3A Phaseomatic Deluxe Update #3

Phaseomatic vacuum tube phaser pedal

We’re fast approaching winter solstice and I wanted to get the artwork finalised for the new model Phaseomatic tube phaser effects pedal before the year is out. Here’s a nice shot of the Phaseomatic diecast aluminium enclosure fresh from painting and having the lettering silkscreened onto it. Star Trek fans migh notice I’m getting a little creative with my photography capturing some J.J. Abrams style lens flare from the winter … Read More →

Back in Black – ‘Blackbird’ Tube Preamp is Now in Stock!

Blackbird vacuum tube preamp effects pedal

We’re pleased to announce the Blackbird vacuum tube preamp is back in stock! This production run of 200 Blackbird pedals is 100% made in Great Britain and is jam-packed with audiophile grade components. This beautifully built preamp utilises three JJ 12AX7 tubes, four switching relays, nine custom Omeg potentiometers, Triad output transformer, Vishay precision resistors and polyester capacitors and a unique custom made silver-plated circuit board. No expense was spared … Read More →

Model PM-3A Phaseomatic Deluxe Update #2

Cardboard hole templates

Welcome to my wonderful world of research and development. The photo shows cardboard templates made from a ‘Weetabix’ cereal packet for hole cut-outs on the Phaseomatic phaser and Delta-Trem tremolo (yes, I’ve revised the prototype…Again) pedals. Both these effects have gone through extensive redesign and there’s a lot more to them, which is why they’ve taken so long to complete. We’re almost there though. It’s always a very exciting time … Read More →

Binson Echorec Pages Revised & Updated!

Tiptop Binson Echorec

Our Binson Echorec pages have been substantially revised and updated. Within these pages you’ll find everything you need to keep your vintage Echorec ‘Baby’, ‘Export’(4-knob) or ‘B2′(6-knob) tube delay-echo running like a dream machine – it’s all here! Schematics demystified, how to obtain parts without paying through the nose, fascinating historical information and detailed, in-depth technical articles on how to maintain and service your Echorec to get the absolute best … Read More →

It’s official – we’re circuit board experts!


Well according to ‘Guitarist’ magazine we are. We were recently contacted by them to write a short article on the merits and disadvantages of circuit boards compared with point-to-point wiring on tag boards. You can read the full article in their special 400th issue and find out more about Effectrode’s unique silver-plated circuit boards here.

First glimpse inside the new Effectrode workshop

Effectrode workshop/studio

For over twenty years been a dream of mine to have my own dedicated work studio and this summer that dream was realised. In April a team of local builders began laying the foundations down and over the next three months, brick by brick I saw my new workshop rise up. I was so enthusiastic about this historical milestone event for Effectrode that I made a time-lapse video of the … Read More →

A thing of beauty – the Mullard ECC83

Mullard ECC83 valve

This photo shows a new old stock Mullard ECC83 tube manufactured at their Blackburn works in 1966. Note the fineness and precision of the electrodes inside the glass envelope—they really don’t make tubes like this any more. The high purity barium/strontium/calcium carbonate emissive cathode coating, high grade magnesium-nickel alloy (better than ‘Cathaloy A30′. See BS 3504:1962) cathode and precision electrode geometry are an engineer’s dream. This tube possesses exceptionally low … Read More →