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Oldies But Goldies

Vibra Chorus pedal

This old Vibra Chorus pedal came in for servicing just before Christmas. We’ve not seen one of these pedals in a while as they’re quite rare – only 100 were manufactured back in 2008 – and seeing this Vibra Chorus again was like having an old friend come over and visit. The Vibra Chorus had blown an internal fuse and we soon had it fired up and running good as new. It was very satisfying to see the pedal come back to life and we’re always more than happy to support customers in getting their old Effectrode pedals back in tip-top form. Although we no longer manufacture the Vibra Chorus you do occasionally see them pop up on Ebay from time to time. They usually sell for double their original retail price at around $600-00 to $900-00.


  1. Andy says:

    Just this week I’ve purchased a vibra chorus and a Helios. Both pedals I’ve been waiting for for years, and both will complete my effectrode collection, aside from the phaseomatic and trem, to which I am on the waiting list. Best effect pedal company in the world bar none.

  2. Eduard says:

    Hi Phil,

    Are you going te release the vibra chorus again and if so when? Love the sound of it.

    Regards Ed!

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