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PC-2A Tube Compressor on tour with David Gilmour


Two of David Gilmour’s ‪PC-2A Tube Compressors‬ just in for a quick inspection and overhaul. Will be seeing these two little guys again in September when DG plays the Royal Albert Hall, London. Really looking forward to this – it’s going to be a great night out.


  1. Troy says:

    Hi Phil

    Any info on how DG is using his Effectrode PC-2A on his board (seeing as he has three compressors on board)?

    Presumably he’s using his Slide Rig compressor for his slide guitar stuff. My suspicion is that of the other two compressors on his board (the Effectrode PC-2A & the Compulator) that DG might be using one as on “always on” pedal (just had a look at my Effectrode board & my peak reduction, gain & switch are set pretty much the same – which can work well for either clean rhythm or always on) & another (probably the Compulator) as a clean boost for lead accentuation.

    Also: Any idea where on the added Attack & Knee dials the normal factory settings would lie? Or more precisely: Are the added dials in the pic set slower or faster attack & for harder or softer knee than the standard PC-2A?

    The PC-2A is incredible. That’s why I have two (one for each of two big boards). Every other pedal that it is used with is enhanced & for that reason it is probably the best value Effectrode pedal (if great cleans are a big part of one’s playing – if not then probably the Blackbird – another pedal on both big boards, I love these pedals!).

  2. Troy says:

    I know that DG has a Helios fuzz in his studio setup. I wonder if he has a Mercury fuzz though? I think that that would make a nice alternative lead sound for his live rig – either with or without one of his overdrives after it. Mercury into Blackbird (blue channel) is one of my favourite tones.

    Jeff Beck & Bill Wyman were at the Albert Hall the night that went to see DG there last year ( Saturday 3rd October). DG’s s playing & the sound was just phenomenal. I have a ticket for Friday 30th September later this year with a similar seating to last time, so I know that I’ve got a good spot both sound & vision-wise.

    • Phil says:

      He does own a Mercury fuzz too – I’m not sure if he used the Helios on ‘The Endless River’. It’s tone is a little thicker and juicer than the Helios – great for blues work.

  3. Ben says:

    Hi Phil,

    I really love my PC-2A; it’s truly a work of art!

    Are there any plans to make a version with DG’s “Attack” and “Knee” controls or a retrofit to existing units?


  4. Lindsay says:

    Will the regular, standard PC2A be back in stock any time soon?

  5. keith says:

    Nice! Is there any way to retrofit the attack and knee to the front?

    • Phil says:

      Hi Keith, Yes some customers have done this mod. If you check our Facebook page you’ll find a discussion about how to mod the PC-2A on there somewhere further down the page, from around a year ago.

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