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The Perfect Push for your Fender 5E3 Tweed

Fire Bottle and Fender 5E3 Tweed amp

The Effectrode ‘Fire Bottle’ boost pedal is back in stock. This little all tube booster is the perfect push for any vintage tube guitar amp effectively adding an additional 30dB of pure tube gain to drive the preamp stages of the amp into a rich overdrive. Even when playing a Fender ‘Strat’ fitted with single coil pickups you’ll be able to effortlessly achieve that beautiful fat, warm tone of a Gibson humbucker pickup, a sound that’s perfect for soaring solos – the Strat player’s dream. If you’re using a solid-state opamp or transistor boost pedal to push your tube amp then you really should test drive the Fire Bottle at your nearest dealer – you’re going to be in for a very pleasant surprise. We’ve just completed building a batch of 100 Fire Bottles, all hand assembled and tested by Phil and they’re now shipping!


  1. Josh says:

    I use an Effectrode Fire Bottle with a Strat in front of my 5E3 Tweed and it really opens things up. More grind, clearer sound for home practise volumes and in general makes everything more responsive. I bought the Fire Bottle as a boost, but now it is an ‘always on’ pedal for me and a key part of my guitar sound. Highly recommended as part of your tonal arsenal!

    • Phil says:

      Thanks Josh. The Fire Bottle was developed and tested with my little Fender Tweed 1 x 12″, which might be part of the reason it partners so well with this amp. Thanks again for your feedback. Best, Phil

  2. Chris Filben says:

    I was fortunate enough to find a new Fire Bottle recently. This is the finest magnetic pickup boosters I have ever played. The Fire Bottle is the perfect complement for either a Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster. It seriously adds awesome oomph to the sound of all single coil pickups. All I can say is the Fire Bottle makes my Telecaster and Stratocaster sound like a million bucks through my Fender amplifiers. Keep up the great work, Phil! I absolutely love your pedals. They are insanely great!!!

  3. Chris Leach says:

    Hi Phil

    I am using a Firebottle with a Tweed Champ and a blackface Princeton Reverb. I leave it on all the time and it sits outside the effects loop. Guitars are Fenders and P90 equipped Gibsons. Sounds absolutely like the sound in my head I could never get.

    Thanks so much.

  4. Chris Filben says:

    Hi Phil, I am using the Fire Bottle in a dual Fender stereo setup with two Blackbird SR-71 preamps in front of each amp. I predominantly use the Fire Bottle when playing my American Strat or Tele, which has a rare 1980s Modulus Graphite Tele neck, long since discontinued by Modulus. I have played through more boosters than I care to recall. The Fire Bottle is literally in a class by itself. My bi-amped Fender system has NEVER sounded so good since introducing the Fire Bottle into my line. I can only attribute it to your amazing selection of the Tube in the Fire Bottle and the hours of meticulous work that obviously went into the design of the Fire Bottle.

    You make some of the finest pedals on the market today. And your attention to detail is beyond applaudable. I want to personally thank you for making such incredible pedals.

    On another note, including the Tube Drive and/or the Mercury Tube Fuzz in the line with the Fire Bottle is beyond compare. Sonic nirvana! And the noise floor on these pedals is beyond compare. They are incredibly quiet when in standby mode, which for me is virtually never.

    PLEASE keep developing and releasing these incredible line of pedals. The Fire Bottle is an absolute MUST HAVE device for anyone who plays a Strat or Tele. End of story!

    I can’t wait for the upcoming release of the PC-2A and particularly the PhaseOmatic. You have a devoted customer for life in me. Your pedals are simply some of the best sounding devices I have ever had the pleasure of playing. And their looks are just as awesome as the sounds they produce. Thank you, Phil!

    • Phil says:

      Hi Chris, Thank you for taking time to write down your comments. Really pleased to hear the Fire Bottle is hitting the mark. Don’t fret, I’ll continue making pedals as long as I’m on this planet, it’s just that it’s taking me longer these days as I’m getting more discerning… or pickier about the tone and the features on our pedals. PC-2A is in the pipe 5 by 5 and will be available shortly. Thanks again for your comments. All the best, Phil

  5. Danilo says:

    Hello Phil, can you tell me the function of the internal trimpot of the Fire Bottle?

    • Phil says:

      Hi Danilo, The internal trimpot adjusts the damping (‘Q’) factor of the tone control circuit. In practise it can be used to tame the amount of treble boost capability of the tone control on the ‘Fire Bottle’ pedal. Best regards, Phil

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