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The Perfect Push for your Fender 5E3 Tweed

Fire Bottle and Fender 5E3 Tweed amp

The Effectrode ‘Fire Bottle’ boost pedal is back in stock. This little all tube booster is the perfect push for any vintage tube guitar amp effectively adding an additional 30dB of pure tube gain to drive the preamp stages of the amp into a rich overdrive. Even when playing a Fender ‘Strat’ fitted with single coil pickups you’ll be able to effortlessly achieve that beautiful fat, warm tone of a Gibson humbucker pickup, a sound that’s perfect for soaring solos – the Strat player’s dream. If you’re using a solid-state opamp or transistor boost pedal to push your tube amp then you really should test drive the Fire Bottle at your nearest dealer – you’re going to be in for a very pleasant surprise. We’ve just completed building a batch of 100 Fire Bottles, all hand assembled and tested by Phil and they’re now shipping!

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