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Phaseomatic Vacuum Tube Phaser

Phaseomatic Vacuum Tube Phaser PedalThe Phaseomatic™ Deluxe is  unique photo-optical phaser that uses vacuum tubes to achieve delicious, lush phasing with amazing presence and clarity. On more subtle settings it adds life and movement to your sound that’s so natural and un-processed you’ll forget it’s there – until you press the bypass switch. Moving on to the other extreme, this powerful tone machine capably produces deep “tunnel” phasing and intense jet plane whooshing textural effects that predominanted music in the mid 70′s. And finally, the Phaseomatic Deluxe truely excels in generating a host of cosmic & spaceous sound effects heard on many B-rated 1950′s sci-fi movie soundtracks.


  • All Tube: This totally unique phaser pedal uses vacuum tubes and photo-resistors to create the phasing effect – Pure tube signal processing!
  • Powerful Mixed-Wave Modulator: Advanced L.F.O. technology allows that phase sweep to be driven with triangle (linear), sine, psuedo-square (vibe), rise, fall and stepped wave shapes in thirds, fourth, fifths, sixths and sevenths.
  • “Frozen Sweep” Capability: The L.F.O. is capable of super-slow 1/40Hz modulation rates to generate rich and complex comb filter effects. That’s a sweep rate of 40 seconds! If this isn’t slow enough then a constant output mode allows the comb notches to be “frozen” to create hollow sounding acoustic timbres.
  • C.V. Input For external control from a voltage source or EV-5 expression pedal for lots of phase modulation possibilites. Frozen notches can be moved up an down. This action can be used in conjunction with the internal L.F.O. of the Phaseomatic for articulate and beautiful sweep effects.
  • Aqua L.E.D.: Pulsates with modulation speed for visual song tempo matching.
  • Limited Edition Pedal: Only 150 made.

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