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Customer Comments

In 2012 I bought PM-2C #48 and PC-2A #34 secondhand and later that year preordered Blackbird #88 from you. Thanks for making them, it has been inspiring to use such high quality effects during my sonic journey and education as a player. They will be playing integral roles in an upcoming long-time-coming debut recording project. At least the phaser and compressor; I somewhat regrettably parted with the SR-71 in the summer of 2013 after realizing I wasn't using it to full potential due to personal preference, so along it went to a good new home.

John - U.S.A. - May 2015

Vibralux Chorus next year though! Maybe you'd consider doing a new phaser to go along with the Chorus? That Phaseomatic sounded incredible even on Youtube. With the new Mercury at end of year, my Tube Drive, Tube-Vibe, Blackbird and Compressor... that's a setup only dreams are made of. Sorry, I love your pedals so much Im just dreaming a bit. I am finally putting together a truly custom cabinet to go with my Hiwatt DR504. KWCabs cabinet with 2 Fane Studio 12L's. Cant wait to hear the Comp, Tube Drive and Tube Vibe through it. Thanks!

Jeff Comeau - U.S.A. - September 2014

Tubes are inconvenient but ALWAYS worth it! I would buy it (Phaseomatic) in stereo anyway even if it was twice as big and expensive! I have the newest version PM-2C serial# 20039 and will NEVER sell it.

Narayan Marsh - U.S.A. - September 2013

Subciety Records

I really appreciate all you do and am happy to wait - I'm very fond of that particular Phaseomatic the case is in amazing condition for one thing and your phaser effect is my favorite - in fact I've never really cared all to much about the phaser as an effect. Other than what Eddie had achieved they never sounded right to me. Yours is so organic and musical I try to use very chance I get. Like all your designs - it jump starts my creativity :-)))

Joe Caruso - USA - September 2013

I have my Phase-O-Matic and Tube-Vibe now and I am so thrilled. Their range is so great, I can really pull so much tone out of them.

Jason Carlton - USA - August 2012

Recently you helped me locate a new Phase-O-Matic, which I purchased from one of your dealers in Texas. I absolutely love it. I have a lot of different phasers that I've collected over the years, but none are in the same class as the Phase-O-Matic. I can't believe how hi-fi it is and how transparent. Even the best of the my other vintage phasers have a slightly processed quality to them, but not yours. It's also by far the most versatile. Bravo!

Greg Smith - U.S.A. - June 2012

The effects you design and build are in (my humble opinion) a class all their own & second to none! Having the Phaseomatic placed in front of my Fender supersonic - it's like I've stacked extra tubes in the amp. It adds fatness and warmth like I have never experienced :-) FYI :-)

Joe Caruso - USA - May 2012

I was able to locate and purchase a Deluxe Phaseomatic from Tapestry Music. What a beautiful sounding device. I don't really like vibe pedals, but phasers have a little hold on me, and the Phaseomatic is just gorgeous in its unassuming manner.

Johnny Wahlfors - USA - May 2012

I've seen a lot of effects in my time and it's great to discover product that can still give a seasoned guitar player the chills! And for that I am thankful :-) It's my opinion that a company can't put out product like this with out complete devotion to the art. It is obvious that this company does. And you can consider me a part of your loyal fan base.

Joe Caruso - USA - March 2012

There's a huge amount of variation in what this effect can do and the sound is full, lush and spacious with minimal backgound noise.

David Greeves - UK - June 2007

Guitar Buyer Magazine

We are a studio in Melbourne, Australia and have bought a number of your pedals. As a "turn-key" facility we offer over 450 pedals to our clients and Effectrode were the ones we would always recommend first.

Jury Kogan - Australia - Sept 2011

Black Pearl Studios

I am absolutely knocked out by your pedals!!! The Phase-O-Matic is just wonderful. I could leave that pedal on all day and just play, even with
distortion! Thanks Effectrode!!

Vincent Morda

I recently purchased a Phaseomatic...wonderful pedal! I am so pleased with the way the Phaseomatic sounds with distortion. Keep up the great work!

Sam Lee - January 2011

I am using the Phaseomatic with slow rate, simple triangle waveform and high resonance and pretty much just the Phaseomatic (no distortion) and the clarity of really rapid passages is great and very tactile. . . . one gorgeous moment in the opera I played in Paris where I have to slowly elicit rich phase tones out of a B sustained by an E-bow on the low 6th string. Its underneath a chorus of five singers undulating and making rich treble bird sounds. . .the Phaseomatic delivered in spades. Really great.

Daryl Buckley - Australia

Elision Ensemble

This is the most musical phaser I have ever worked with. I've been playing for over 40 years now, so I've tried the lot of them and never could find THE one, now it seems I have. Usually phasers, by nature, have a tendency to wash away the guitar tone definition. The Phaseomatic does not - wherever the notch is, I get a very subtle, musical, psychedelic addition to my sound.

Martin Kempers - Netherlands

It is definitely very warm/organic, quiet and preserved my tone perfectly. That really sums up the best pedals right there . . . when they instantly provide creative catalyst, you know they're amazing!

Tom Philips - United States

I play pedal steel, having done so for 30+ years, and only started using FX pedals three years ago. The Phaseomatic is my first phase shifter, and I must say I am impressed. This has one superb, warm, clear tone! I see these battles between digital and analog fans, and if all analogue pedals were this beautiful, digital might near extinction! Absolutely excellent! Thank you!

Daniel Morris - OH, USA

One word: BEAUTIFUL. The ability to morph the wave-shape on the fly allows for creativity in a way that I have never heard or even imagined. Also, the transparency of this pedal is second to none. I will never tire of the available sound palette. In terms of signal/sound quality, usability / tweak-ability, and available tones, this unit outshines everything else I have played through. My phaser search is over. I own a ton of pedals, many of which are more expensive boutique pedals, and I compare having this unit on my pedal-board to having a Ferrari parked next to a line of golf carts. Sure; they will all take you somewhere, but to me, performance is everything. With the Phaseomatic, I got what I paid for and I couldn't be more satisfied. Next stop: Tube Vibe!

On a personal note: I want to thank you again for the outstanding service you provided. I have told many of my "jam-mates" about this and all are quite surprised to hear of the help you provided. It is simply not common to receive this type of personal service. My hat is off to you sir. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!

Dan Focht - United States

Your pedal has been the missing pedal in my effects chain. Deep, lush and very organic would best describe it!

Pete Eime - Australia

...other pedals seem to cake your signal with an obvious layer of effect, like its been pasted on top, the Phaseomatic sounds like it's being integrated into the original signal.

Jun Lau - England