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Recording & Tone

Here are links to a few excellent and informative websites where I’ve found invaluable advice on setting up my studio gear to record great guitar tone.

E-Home Recording Studio – No studio yet? No problem. Here’s what you need to get started now.

The ProAudio Files – Articles and videos on mixing, recording and producing music.

Recording Magazine – The magazine for the recording musician.

Tone Lizard – This site seeks to bring some sanity and much needed facts to the world of Guitar Amplifier Tone.

The Valve Wizard – Informative and in-depth articles on tube circuitry.

Tone Stack Calculator – The Tone Stack calculator is designed to help you check out the design and response curves of a variety of tone stacks used in popular guitar amplifiers. Includes the Fender ‘Blackface’ 3 knob eq, which is used on the Blackbird tube preamp.