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The silver bullet for guitar tone!

PC-2A Tube Compressor

The PC-2A tube compressor is back in stock. Now built with our custom silver-plated circuit board and fitted with a hand-selected vintage Philips 6111WA subminiature tube. This little compressor is a silver bullet for achieving those classy, smooth guitar tones whether recording direct or through an amp. For the latest independent review check out Best Guitar Effects website where the PC-2A ranked in their top 15 best guitar compressor pedals of 2016!


  1. Hi, how do I get on the wait list for the PC-2A compressor?

    I’m happy to wait as I’ve no doubt it’ll be worth it and Australia needs more of your gear!

    Regards and all the best with your creations-


  2. Dwayne Anderson says:

    How long of a wait to get on the list for your pc-2a compressor pedal?

    Thanks Dwayne

    • Phil says:

      Hi Dwayne, Just send an email request to Sam at our sales email address ans she’ll add you to the waiting list – we’re building some more PC-2A compressors this year.

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