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GUITAR TONE IS ROCKET SCIENCE!—Vintage, high voltage, vacuum tube technology harnessed to create radical effects pedals!

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Everything you need to help you with your Effectrode effects pedal.


Here at Effectrode we always do our upmost to support customers as best as we can, whether it be through phone support, email support or just providing you with all the product information you could require about our pedals. If you do have a technical question regarding any of our pedal please do check out our ‘FAQ’ (Frequently Asked Questions) page first. Additionally, the latest updated manuals for all our pedals can be downloaded from the ‘Owner’s Manuals’ page. If you need to get in contact for any reason there’s usually someone tinkering away in the Effectrode workshop 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we normally respond to email enquiries within one business day, perhaps two at weekends.