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  1. Eduard says:

    Yummy, when are they going te be released? Now I can’t wait :-)

  2. Alan says:

    Exciting stuff!

  3. Fabian says:

    Just send me the invoice.

  4. Amanda Catherine says:

    I hope loyal customers may find a special for buying both at once! Ready to buy! I will be happy to see that “coming soon” banner finally going away for the Delta-Trem, so excited.
    In my opinion, the script logo in the previous version of the Delta-trem was too large. While this new Delta-trem logo is nice, the proportions of it relative to the size of the enclosure seem a little off, especially when seen side by side with the Phase-o-matic. Only meant in the most constructive way, by a fan who truly loves these products. Thank you again for all the hard work.

  5. Ben says:

    Can’t wait for the Phaseomatic!

    Slightly off-topic: Would it be possible to list which Effectrode pedals act as “buffers” and also which pedals invert the phase of the guitar signal (input vs output)? Thanks!

    • Phil says:

      Hi Ben, The Glass-A output is in phase, the PC-2A and Fire Bottle are inverted. The Mercury is in phase but has very poor buffering ability because of the way the tubes are used in the circuitry. I don’t know off the top of my head about the the bigger Effectrode pedals and will need to get back to you on those. Best, Phil

      • Ben says:

        Hi Phil. Interesting that you mention the buffering capability on the Mercury. On my pedalboard I have an MXR Phase 90 Script (original design, re-issue without true bypass) well downstream of my Mercury, which is first in the pedal chain. It’s amazing how much just having the Phase 90 in the chain circuit, whether engaged or not, completely changes the tone of the Mercury. I’m experimenting with a Glass-A between the two to see the effects. I guess I just really need the Phasomatic so that all of my pedals will play nicely with each other, LOL !

    • Phil says:

      Hi Amanda, I think I know what you mean – I’ll gve some more thought to the Phaseomatic logo and see what I come up with. Thank you, Phil

  6. Vince says:

    I already own a phaseomatic, but I can’t wait for the Delta Trem! I’ve already allocated the space on my board, it’s the last thing I have to put on there, can’t wait for the Echo rec 3 whenever that comes out

  7. Troy says:

    For God’s sake (or mine at least) Phil please hold off releasing these two for about a week’s time till some/many(?) of us get paid. The Levelling Amplifier can wait (though still very much want) but these two I have been dreaming about for many moons. All three at once would probably do me in!

    Also: Agree with the comment about the DT logo but no thoughts/suggestions of how to enhance.

    Will snail-mail post my ER3 ideas/wish-list sketches soon. Been a hectic year to date. Looks like you’ve been hard at it!

  8. Vince says:

    Phil for president

  9. Stefano Conti says:

    Phil, I own an old Kern Engineering tube wah. Would you like to get a blink inside?

  10. Andy says:

    Hi Phil

    How close is the Phaseomatic to release please?


    • Phil says:

      Hi Andy, The Phaseomatic design is just about complete and currently undergoing testing and debugging. I’m aiming to release the pedal later this year after the Delta-Trem, however can’t give an exact date yet as I’m not sure when it will be yet.

  11. Troy says:

    As the S.O.S. Band sang back in 1980 “Take Your Time, Do It Right” :)

    No obvious modulation on the guitar on that track but very tasty regardless – the peak phase-shifting era of the 70′s having pretty much passed.

    One of the other top (albeit very different stylistically) tracks from that year was a holdout in terms of its dominant phased but otherwise clean rhythm guitar – & a dual-phaser at that – not to mention one of the best phasing sounds on record IMHO was on Grace Jone’s version of the Pretenders’ “Private Life”.

    Mikey Chung & Barry Reynolds were guitarists on those sessions. I presume it is the former of the two doing the dripping wet choppy chanks & the latter doing the angular overdriven riffs & licks.

    Definitely recommended for phase shifter fiends/friends. Although it will make you lust for the Phase-o-Matic Deluxe even more!

  12. Fabian says:

    Just going to bump this for possible release info :D

  13. Eduard says:

    Hi Phil, any news on the phaseomatic and delta trem and there releases?

    • Phil says:

      Hi Eduard, Yes. I’m just working on calibrating the tap tempo accuracy then hopefully that will be it – we’ll be ready to go into production with both these pedals. All the best, Phil

      • Amanda Catherine says:

        Hello Phil. I believe that I’ve been on the waiting list for both Phaseomatic and Delta-trem. Is there a way to determine if I made the cut for the first batch of my very very very disciplined and patient wait for these fellows? Thank you:)

        • Phil says:

          Hi, Could you send an email to sam@effectrode.com and she can confirm that you are on the waiting list for these pedals. Thanks, Phil

          • Amanda Catherine says:

            Done. Looks like I might be in good shape for one, maybe not as much luck on the first batch of Deltas. Is it too early to request being added to the waiting list for the Echorec 3? There are some hints at delays out there inspired by Binson, but it is not a drum delay if it doesn’t have a bona fide, mechanical drum with a well polished wire. If anyone out there is going to do it right, it’s going to be Effectrode.

          • Phil says:

            Regarding the Echorec 3, we’re still figuring out how to manufacture the magnetic drums properly. It’s a little early to talk about waiting lists, however a mechanical engineer has now joined our ranks so I’m expecting progress to speed up. Best regards Phil

  14. Chris says:

    Hi Phil

    Another batch of Mercury Fuzzes in the wind?


    • Phil says:

      Hi Chris,

      We’re working on them right now. I’m not sure if they are all spoken for. If you send an email to sam@effectrode.com she can advise. Thanks, Phil

    • Ian says:

      Thanks Phil – I have your Tube-Vibe and love the pedal. Regarding the planned Echorec 3, would the design mean that the mechanical drums would be subject to similar wear and the resulting maintenance requirements of the original Binson?

      • Phil says:

        Hi Ian, Yes, the Echorec 3 has to be based on a drum and heads, but wear isn’t a problem for a century or so if the machine is maintained properly!

  15. Andrew Ranford says:

    Hi Phil!
    Thanks for all,your amazing work and amazing pedals!
    Wondering and dreaming of the Delta Trem!!!
    Any ideas on when we might be able to experience this awesome pedal?
    I’m on the list!, can’t wait!

    • Phil says:

      Hi Andrew, I’m working on the Delta-Trem and Phaseomatic pedal designs right now – they’re in the test and calibration phase, so not long to wait now. Best regards, Phil

  16. Martyn says:

    Hi Phil,

    I have one of your earlier editions of Delta Trem, and I love the sound I’m getting from it. I believe it has two 12AX7s. Do you think I can get a good sound (proper impedance output) by plugging it in directly to powered PA speakers?

    • Phil says:

      Hi Martyn, I don’t see any reason why that shouldn’t work as long as the input impedance of your PA isn’t too low. Best, Phil

  17. Alan Leslie says:

    Hi Phil,
    I have a Blackbird and a TubeVibe and waiting on the release of the Levelling Amplifier.
    I tried the TubeVibe before and after the Blackbird and definitely prefer it before,
    I also have a digital echo device whihc I have directly in front of the amp input.
    Where would suggest the Levelling Amplifier best fit in this chain?
    And WHENwill it be available?
    Alan – Australia

    • Phil says:

      Hi Alan, After using vibes (and phasers) post overdrive/distortion for many years I too now prefer them first in the chain as it doesn’t mess up the tone too much. We’ll be starting making new Leveling Amplifiers soon and expect them to be available in Autumn. All the best, Phil

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