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Custom Relic’d Tube-Vibe Anyone?


I’m beginning to think we’ve been in the effects pedal business so long that Effectrode designs are looking truely vintage, if not antique, if not ancient. This has to be the most battle-scarred, dirty, grungy, gigged Tube-Vibe that’s ever come back to the workshop for servicing. Seriously, the surface of the moon has less dings and bashes on its ruined 4 billion-year old surface than this old Tube-Vibe. Right let’s see if we can fix it – apparently liquid was spilled on it and some of it trickled inside. I’m guessing that ‘liquid’ was some kind of fermented, hop-based beverage. Sigh…


  1. Chris Leach says:


    It’s nearly summer up there in the northern hemisphere. How are the compressors coming along? Anxiously yours…


    • Phil says:

      Hi Chris, We are about to schedule another build of the PC-2A tube compressor and will be announcing the release date shortly. Best regards, Phil

  2. Eduard says:

    Hi Phil, are you going te release the echo rec 3 and if so when are you planning on doing so? Would be a killer pedal no doubt,

  3. Alex says:

    Hi Phil,
    I am now in the process to rebuild/refresh a Binson T7E and wants first to thank you a lot for the Binson section you provide to us. This is really excellent information and useful for me.
    I am now rebuilding my 2 Sprague Creas Multi section caps and have problems to find the right capacitors for fitting inside the Aluminum tubes + assure a high quality filtering process for the Binson power supply…
    Could you please support and tell me what is the brand of caps you have used for your Binson?
    Thanks a lot in advance
    kr Alex

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