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Vibralux Tube Chorus – Vibrato

Vibralux Tube Chorus - Vibrato PedalThe Vibralux™ pedal is designed to reproduce a unique chorusing effect with tubes for a natural and musical sound. At slower modulation rates it produces open and wide chorusing in comparison to BBD type and digital chorus units, adding another dimension to chord and rhythm playing. At faster rates it creates a pure, shimmering effect for haunting and ethereal chorus voicings, where only the barest minimum of pitch de-tuning is introduced into the original signal. A wide frequency response and high input impedance so that it works well with bass guitar and Chapman stick too.


  • All Tube: 100% pure analog vacuum tube audio path for maximum signal integrity and hi-fidelity sound reproduction.
  • Unique golden ratio of stagger-tuned phase-shift capacitors selected for electric guitar. There are no equivalent digital models that attempt to replicate this circuit topology.
  • L.E.D.: Pulsates with modulation speed for visual song tempo matching.
  • Limited Edition Pedal: Only 250 made.

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