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Effectrode Investigates: Whatever happened to Mullard?


Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting pictures and some little stories about a nostalgic day out to visit the site of the Mullard tube manufacturing works in Blackburn, Lancashire. Mullard manufactured some the finest tubes by anyone at any time in history and I very much wanted to see the Blackburn site and find out what, if anything remained of this once prestigious and magnificent chapter of British Industry. The site was vast and mighty space covering an area of over 40 acres and was the largest tube manufacturing plant in Europe with chemical, wire drawing and glass manufacturing plants on site. At its zenith Mullard Blackburn employed well over 6000 people and manufactured over 6,000,000 vacuum tubes a year. Some of roads were even named after tube manufacturers as shown in the photo where I’m standing next to the very appropriately named ‘Philips Road’. Part Two – Ribble House, Mullard Still Stands Proud.


  1. dave says:

    Started working at Mullard Blackburn in 1977 – after it’s real heyday but still a large and significant employer with some 2500 employees. Trained as an industrial engineer – old fashioned “time and motion man” – with lots of initial training in valve assembly, an amazing production line process with some assembly cycle times measured in a few seconds. Great times with lovely dedicated people, largely female on the shop floor – good news for a young man straight from college! Look forward to next installments

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