vacuum tube compressors, preamps & effects


There’s only one sure thing in the wonderful world of vacuum tubes and that is, no matter how much you may think you know about these fascinating thermionic devices, there’s always something…

The Effectrode effects pedal production line experienced a momentary lapse in operation last month as we decided to find some time in our busy life to get our Binson ‘Echorec’ service department…

There’s circuit boards and then there’s Effectrode circuit boards. Our printed circuit boards (PCBs) are manufactured from high quality FR-4 glass-reinforced epoxy laminate, more accurately…

The Mercury Fuzz and the Tube-Vibe are both absolutely outstanding. Both are works of art. I am floored. Many thanks for your great work!

Sean Sutton, UK

The Mercury Tube Fuzz pedal brought an entire plethora of overtones and richness to my Handwired Fender Vibroverb Cesar Diaz – unreal. It’s not a just a boost it’s a multidimensional tone shaping tool too. My board is now 70% Effectrode. And that wasn’t intentional; they are just THAT good.

James Peace Band, USA

My name’s David, I’m from Australia and I bought a Blackbird from you guys not too long ago. The pedal’s great! Really love the authentic tube sound and responsive breakup, it’s a step beyond any other overdrive pedal on the market. Keep up the good work!

David Burns, Australia