vacuum tube compressors, preamps & effects


There’s circuit boards and then there’s Effectrode circuit boards. Our printed circuit boards (PCBs) are manufactured from high quality FR-4 glass-reinforced epoxy laminate, more accurately…

This couple of miniature all-tube pedals are incredible tone enhancing devices for Strats, or any guitar fitted with single-coil pickups. The PC-2A photo-optical tube compressor will not only even out…

Before bronzed, billionaire playboy presidents, the rust-belt and corrosive nationalism there was the American Dream, the idea that anyone with a positive attitude could be successful if they worked…

The Mercury Fuzz and the Tube-Vibe are both absolutely outstanding. Both are works of art. I am floored. Many thanks for your great work!

Sean Sutton, UK

The Mercury Tube Fuzz pedal brought an entire plethora of overtones and richness to my Handwired Fender Vibroverb Cesar Diaz – unreal. It’s not a just a boost it’s a multidimensional tone shaping tool too. My board is now 70% Effectrode. And that wasn’t intentional; they are just THAT good.

James Peace Band, USA

My name’s David, I’m from Australia and I bought a Blackbird from you guys not too long ago. The pedal’s great! Really love the authentic tube sound and responsive breakup, it’s a step beyond any other overdrive pedal on the market. Keep up the good work!

David Burns, Australia