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All is very, very quiet here at Effectrode this evening, but things are still ticking over. All the staff have been told to stay safely at home and do what they can there: Rodolphe, our trainee design…

We recently had a request from a double bass player to modify his Effectrode ‘Glass-A’ buffer pedal to give it a higher impedance as his bass was fitted with piezo pickups. Piezos sound at…

I absolutely LOVE these pedals. LA-1A Leveling Amp is HANDS DOWN my desert island pedal. New PM-3A PhaseOmatic Deluxe (4 knob version with dual-LFO) is totally dreamy... SR-71 Blackbird is a monster tone machine. TV-5A Tube Vibe is the quintessential vibe machine...

Mark Lloyd, USA

The Mercury Fuzz and the Tube-Vibe are both absolutely outstanding. Both are works of art. I am floored. Many thanks for your great work!

Sean Sutton, UK

The Mercury Tube Fuzz pedal brought an entire plethora of overtones and richness to my Handwired Fender Vibroverb Cesar Diaz – unreal. It’s not a just a boost it’s a multidimensional tone shaping tool too. My board is now 70% Effectrode. And that wasn’t intentional; they are just THAT good.

James Peace Band, USA