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Five Fast Facts About the PC-2A Compressor

  1. The PC-2A is the ‘go-to’ compressor for guitarists Adrian Legg and David Gilmour. In fact Adrian and David’s tech (the other Phil Taylor) were involved in audio testing the PC-2A in it’s early days. You can hear the PC-2A’s signature smooth, velvet sound on their albums and the Pink Floyd’s latest album “The Endless River”.
  2. The PC-2A utilises a tiny vintage tube to do its stuff. These tubes were manufactured in the U.S.A. by Sylvania and are arguably the finest ever made rivalling even tubes made by the mighty RCA. The tubes were originally intended for military purposes but ended up being stored at Howard Hughes’ (that’s right, the eccentric, maverick aviator) facility in Williamsport before Phil had them shipped over to Effectrode in Stoke-on-Trent.
  3. The PC-2A is 100% made in Great Britain. Each tube is tested for noise and microphony by Phil (the designer) and the tubes are fitted by the assembly girls – Kim, Chevonne and Jane. Phil also audio tests each and every PC-2A before it’s packed and shipped… sigh, usually by playing “The Wall Part 2″ guitar solo.
  4. The PC-2A is not just for electric guitar – it works superbly on bass to add punch and depth, takes the edge off classical and steel strung guitars fitted with piezo pickups and can effortlessy handle transients from ‘difficult’ instruments such as duclimer, harpsichord and Ukrainian Bandura.
  5. The PC-2A Photo-optical Tube Compressor will be back back in stock shortly.


  1. Troy says:

    Anyone needing a compressor/limiter to tame the powerful dynamic output of a powerful envelope-following filter like the Mu-FX MuTron/TruTron 3X (or its predecessor the MusiTronics MuTron III) while still maintaining sonorous sonic fidelity throughout the audible frequency range look no further. Also essential for protecting speakers from the outputs of octave-divider pedals. Wah-wah pedals also benefit hugely from being fed into the PC-2A.

    The volume drop present in many vintage modulation pedals (as well as the volume boost that some more modern albeit otherwise vintage-based modulation pedals exhibit) can be remedied by being placed before compressors as well – either by the actual compression or by turning up the volume control. While the Tube-Vibe doesn’t suffer from either of these issues (as it has a volume control & decent level) & sounds great without a compressor, when using clean tones it definitely pairs up nicely with the PC-2A.

    I have two other non-Effectrode compressors that I still keep around as they have their uses although they are no longer my “go to” units. As good as these are compared to most other compressor pedals (for my tastes & requirements), both ultimately detract from the end result when employed to the above demanding tasks. This was immediately clear from the moment I first test-ran the PC-2A. Sonic enhancement all around rather than the sonic compromise that I’d had to juggle with till that point. Even with the compression rolled all the way down (with volume adjusted to compensate) the net tonal gains are quite apparent.

  2. Danilo says:

    Hello Phil, are all PC-2A’s with Sylvania’s subminiature tube 6111? I am about to purchase the PC-2A “1278″ and would like to know what the valve is. Grateful for the attention.

    • Phil says:

      Hi Danilo, Yes, the PC-2A compressor, and all our other small effects pedal designs utilise new old stock Sylvania subminiature tubes. Best regards, Phil

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