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Authentic Davies Dakaware, Chicago 1510 Knobs


All Effectrode PC-2A Tube Compressor and Blackbird pedals are now fitted with genuine Davies Molding U.S.A. knobs (pictured on the right). This is a completely bespoke knob custom manufactured especially for Effectrode using the original Chicago, Dakaware 1510 knob moulds from the 1940s.

Unlike the Taiwanese copy (pictured on the left) which is made from plastic and prone to cracking, this knob is made from solid phenolic resin. It’s much denser and heavier with beautiful deep, deep chocolate colouring, almost completely black. The indicator line has been laser engraved and hand-painted in antique white paint to ensure that it will not wear off with age. This is the way these knobs used to be made back in the old days. However, it became more cost effective to just pad print and the engraved knobs were eventually replaced with ones with a flat surface.

The knobs are many times more expensive than the cheap copy but we really think it is worth it as they’re more elegantly shaped and pleasing to the eye – a far superior product with a very classy retro styling. The devil really is in the details. We’re currently discussing with Davies the feasibility of them manufacturing a 1510 ivory knob in the exactly the same style for the Fire Bottle tube boost and forthcoming Delta-Trem tube tremolo pedals.


  1. Hans Kuijs says:

    Hi Phil,

    i own both Blackbird and PC-2A pedals, Would it be possible to order those knobs seprately? I find the original knobs to be the only drawback on those magnificent tone machines!

    Hans Kuijs

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