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GUITAR TONE IS ROCKET SCIENCE!—Vintage, high voltage, vacuum tube technology harnessed to create radical effects pedals!

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Techie Tone Stuff

HTML icon How to transform a Fender Champ 12 amp into a Champ Deluxe with a few mods
HTML icon All Flavours of Fuzz, Overdrive and Distortion
HTML icon Guitar Preamp Tone Explained
HTML icon How to Use a Guitar Buffer Pedal
HTML icon How Guitar Cable Affects Tone
HTML icon Vibe Pedal Placement
HTML icon Classic Riffs – Bridge of Sighs
HTML icon Dark Tones – Recreating the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ Sound
HTML icon Fuzz Pedal Placement

Even More Technical Stuff to do with Tubes

HTML icon Tubes and Guitar Tone – It’s All In The Cathode
HTML icon Tubes: The Old Verses the New
HTML icon Foil Those Tube Forgers [article originally published in 'Popular Electronics']
HTML icon Cryogenic Treatment of Tubes: An Engineer’s Perspective
HTML icon Valve Microphony Part 1: Production of Microphony and Methods of Investigation
HTML icon Subminiature Tubes: The Future of Audio!
HTML icon Steampunk Technology: The Inner Workings of Tube Buffers
HTML icon The Tube Family Tree – Part 1
HTML icon The Tube Family Tree – Part 2
HTML icon The Tube Family Tree – Part 3
HTML icon What’s the story with vintage Mullard yellow-print tubes?
HTML icon Black Plate Tubes
HTML icon Microphonics
HTML icon Noise
HTML icon The Cool Sound of Tubes
HTML icon Chemical Highlights of Tube Manufacturing
HTML icon That’s a Sylvania tube, the print is green, no, it’s blue
HTML icon The 6SN7GT – The Best General-Purpose Dual Triode?

Nuts and Bolts Stuff – Know the Quality of Your Gear

HTML icon Jack Plugs – The Gold, the Brass and the Cheap
HTML icon Guitar Cable for Working Musicians
HTML icon The Chemistry of Jack Socket Washers
HTML icon The Fascinating Story of Nickel Plating is Characterized by Resourceful Individuals and Companies Responding to Industry Needs.
HTML icon Printed Circuit Board Verses Point-to-point – an Engineer’s Perspective.

Historical Stuff

HTML icon Thanksgiving Is Sylvania’s Lucky Date
HTML icon Mullard’s Empire of Rust…
HTML icon Effectrode Investigates – Whatever Happened to Mullard?
HTML icon The 12AX7 Tube – The Cornerstone Of Guitar Tone
HTML icon Speed, Efficiency & Perfection – Aims That Have Built a Mammoth Factory in 16 Years [Story of the Mullard Blackburn Works]
HTML icon The History of Delay
HTML icon A Little Vibe History
HTML icon British Rock Guitar Veteran – Robin Trower
HTML icon Louis Barron: Pioneer of Tube Audio Effects
HTML icon The First Electronic Filmscore-Forbidden Planet: A Conversation with Bebe Barron
HTML icon The Self-Destructing Modules Behind Revolutionary 1956 Soundtrack of Forbidden Planet
HTML icon A Kind of Loving – film scenes from inside the Mullard Blackburn Factory
HTML icon Delia Derbyshire: Recording The Future
HTML icon “Sylvania” During 50 Years 1901-1951
HTML icon Who’ on First Bass? Making of the The Doctor Who Bass line
HTML icon Making of the Doctor Who Theme Music
HTML icon Delias’s Tatty Green Lampshade
HTML icon A Brief History of the Crystal Diode

Stuff Actually Related to Effectrode Pedals!

HTML icon Story Behind the Tube Drive Pedal
HTML icon PC-2A Compressor Pedal In-depth
HTML icon Phaseomatic Pedal In-depth
HTML icon Delta-Trem Pedal In-depth
HTML icon Expression Pedal Options for the Tube-Vibe
HTML icon Swapping Tubes in the Blackbird Preamp Pedal
HTML icon The Dream Machine: the Echorec 3°

Really Useful Binson Echorec Stuff

HTML icon History of the Binson Amplifier HiFi Company
HTML icon Binson Echorec Pages – Everything you need to know to Keep your Echorec tiptop!
HTML icon Binson Echorec Schematic
HTML icon Binson Echorec Memory System
HTML icon Echorec Multi-Section Electrolytic Capacitor Rebuild
HTML icon The Echorec Bias Oscillator Inductor
HTML icon Binson Echorec Manual
HTML icon Binson Echorec Head Adjustment
HTML icon Binson Echorec B2 and Export Head Specifications
HTML icon Binson Echorec Blog – Full rebuild and restoration from the ground up!