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Binson Echorec Manual

Excerpt reproduced from the original Binson Echorec Manual

Cleaning the Drive Mechanism

Cleaning the drive mechanism

Fig. 1

  1. Cleaning brush
  2. Idler pulley mounting
  3. Idler wheel
  4. Motor spindle
  5. Recording surface
  6. Drive surface
  7. Cleaning cloth

The illustration – Fig. 1 – shows the method of driving the Memory Disc. For perfect operation all parts must be perfectly clean and free from grease. A little grease remover on a soft rag used as illustrated is sufficient to ensure the driving wheels do not slip. Any tendancy for slip between the motor pulley and idler wheel of between the idler wheel and the Memory disc will cause a rise and fall in the << Pitch >> of the Echo.


The following parts must be kept clean. Motor spindle (4). Idler wheel (3). Rim of the Disc (6). Slightly moisten a piece of soft material (7) with pure C.T.C. or grease remover and bring it into light contact with the lower rim of the disc which should be revolving. Clean motor spindle and idler wheel with a piece of dry rag. Use only light pressure during any of these operations.

Cleaning the Magnetic Band

Cleaning the magnetic band

Fig. 2

  1. Cleaning brush
  2. Recording surface
  3. Disc
  4. Soft cloth

The illustration – Fig. 2 – shows the best method of cleaning the Magnetic band. This operation is neccessary to keep the Magnetic band perfectly clean. For cleaning use a piece of soft material moistened with special Binson oil.


  1. Switch on the Echorec so that the memory disc is revolving. Bring the moistened rag
    into light contact with the Magnetic band (5).
  2. Repeat the process for about 1 minute or until all the dirt is removed from the band.
  3. During the cleaning do not intefere with the settings of the heads placed around the periphery
    of the disc.

Cleaning the Record, Playback and Erase Heads

Cleaning the heads

Fig. 3

  1. Erase head (magnets)
  2. Recording surface
  3. Disc
  4. Record and play-back heads
  5. Strong thin paper

The illustration Fig. 3. shows the best way to remove any dirt or foreign material which may gather between the heads and the magnetic band. This cleaning is necessary to maintain close contact between the heads and the Magnetic band and prevent signal losses. A piece of strong thin paper is all that is required.


  1. Whilst the disc is rotating pass a thin piece of clean paper between the heads (10) and the magnetic band (5). Move the paper horizontally and vertically so as to release any foreign matter and brush or blow away any such dirt released.
  2. Repeat the operation until all the heads have received attention.
  3. Be sure not to displace the heads during the cleaning process.
  4. After the cleaning operation has been completed the following check should be carried out. Set up the Echorec and connect to Amplifier and Speaker. Disconnect microphone or other input signal. Set control to Swell or Repetition. Set Length of Swell control to 8 or 9. If the cleaning process has been carried out effectively, the Echorec will generate self oscillations in increasing volume. If this self oscillation does not occur repeat the cleaning process to the disc and heads.

This page contains a high quality, digitally restored scan of the original Binson Echorec Manual. Be aware that this file is B-I-G (14MB) so may take a while to download.

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