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Effects Pedals

Blackbird Vacuum Tube Preamp

Blackbird Vacuum Tube Preamp effects pedal

The Blackbird™ is a genuine all-tube preamp in a compact pedal. It’s designed to add multiple channels to vintage/boutique guitar amps or use as a professional quality direct recording tube preamplifier. The tonal palette of this machine is immense – the drive channel ranges from fat, warm, bluesy drive sounds, through to rich, full-bodied classic rock distortion and even heavy, harmonically-saturated metal sounds. This channel utilises the same dynamic and touch sensitive 4 stage all-tube clipping circuitry only found in an elite few hi-end guitar amps. By simply digging in or easing off with the guitar pick the tube circuitry responds musically and works with you to create soaring expressive solos and its natural tube compression means you can effortlessly transition into rhythm or chord playing – the tone is superbly balanced. The clean channel has a beautiful and glassy musical tone that lends itself to country and jazz playing, however because it’s a replica of the ‘Blackface’ tube circuit it too can be pushed into breakup and warm overdrive with higher output pickups or a booster pedal. Again, this channel has great depth, clarity and richness – tones that only that only tubes can produce.

Tube Drive

Tube Drive pedal

The Tube Drive™ is simple to use and flexible enough to authentically reproduce a wide palette of tones from mellow blues, to classic rock overdrive and smooth, fine-grained, supersaturated modern guitar tones. The secret is Three dual triode tubes biased to produce extremely symmetrical signal clipping across 6 cascaded gain stages. In practice this means the pedal responds empathically to pick attack with a smooth and graceful breakup characteristic on low drive settings, producing an expressive warm blues tone. Increasing the drive introduces rich and musical harmonic overtones that pack serious punch for a larger-than-life, “hot-rodded” amp tone. The tone quality of the Tube Drive exceptionally musical, organic and sounds distinctly different to pushing an amp with a solid-state diode clipping or even hybrid opamp/tube overdrive pedal and it won’t mask the natural sound of your guitar and amplifier.


Tube-Vibe effects pedal

The Tube-Vibe™ is a no compromise, innovative & original re-design of the classic Uni-Vibe. The pre-amp, mixer and phase-shifters sections are built on triode tubes operating at real amp plate voltages and it has a powerful L.F.O. that makes it possible to sculpt thick, swampy vibe tones at higher modulation rates through to textural & spacious chorus effects at slower rates. The tone is outrageously cool – it’s absolutely the lushest, most psychedelic sounding guitar pedal there is! One of those devices that epitomise analogue with it’s unique, slightly blurry, liquid phase-chorused tone, impossible to simulate.

Delta-Trem Tube Tremolo

Delta-Trem Raysistor Tremolo-Panner

The Delta-Trem™ authentically recreates the alluring, hypnotic tone and feel of a vintage amp tremolo. This is accomplished by using a filament lamp and photocell assembly in conjunction with a vacuum tube signal path – twice for stereo! This gives an exceptionally warm and musical tremolo effect that blends well with clean and overdriven guitar sounds. The dual signal path allows the pedal to operate in mono tremolo mode into a single amp or stereo where the sound is ping-ponged between two amps for a huge, spacious tone.

Phaseomatic Deluxe Vacuum Tube Phaser

Phaseomatic Deluxe Vacuum Tube Phaser

The Phaseomatic™ Deluxe is unique photo-optical phaser effect that uses vacuum tubes to achieve delicious, lush phasing with amazing presence and clarity. On more subtle settings it adds life and movement to your sound that’s so natural and un-processed you’ll forget it’s there – until you press the bypass switch. Moving on to the other extreme, this powerful tone machine capably produces deep “tunnel” phasing and intense jet plane whooshing textural effects that predominated music in the mid 70′s. And finally, the Phaseomatic Deluxe truly excels in generating a host of cosmic & spacious sound effects heard on many B-rated 1950′s sci-fi movie soundtracks.

Atomic Isolated Power Supply

Atomic Isolated Power Supply

The mighty Atomic™ Isolated Power Supply was developed to meet the high power requirements of Effectrode tube effects pedals. Properly designed tube pedals require much more power than solid-state effects because of the tube heaters and high voltage operation. To get an idea take a look at the size of the transformers inside a vintage or boutique tube amp. The Atomic supplies a massive 6 amps – enough energy to power up to four of our tube pedals without compromising tone quality.

Mercury Tube Fuzz

Mercury vacuum tube fuzz effects pedal

Sunshine in a box! The MERCURY™ fuzz pedal is built on a vintage, hand-selected space-grade pencil tube and N.O.S. germanium point-contact crystal diodes. This combination of tube gain stages followed by a crystal diode asymmetric clipping circuit delivers an incredibly warm and rich fuzzed guitar tone whilst preserving clarity and string-to-string definition. At full throttle this little pedal can generate outrageous ‘blocking-distortion’ which sounds like a tube amp being pushed beyond it’s limits. Rolling back the ‘Fuzz’ control creates an immense, bold fuzz tone with endless amounts of smooth liquid sustain that stretches notes into infinity. At lower fuzz and guitar volume settings it cleans up to produce some beautiful and natural sounding (real!) tube overdrive and distortion sounds.

PC-2A Tube Compressor

PC-2A photo-optical tube compressor effects pedal

The new gold standard in natural, musical and quiet compression – this little compressor will inspire you to play and create music. The PC-2A is a true vintage studio compressor in a stompbox – there are no VCA chips, opamps or budget components in the signal path which is 100% analogue and built on a hand selected photo-cell, polyester coupling capacitors, precision resistors (with silver/palladium contacts) and N.O.S. (new old stock) tube operating at real amp plate voltages, all on a specially manufactured silver-plated printed circuit board. The tube circuitry delivers stacks of head-room and low noise floor for outstanding dynamics, preserving the attack characteristics whilst creating exceptionally natural compression – the PC-2A wraps your signal in velvet, enhancing your guitar tone without stamping a solid-state signature on it.

Fire Bottle Tube Booster

Fire Bottle tube booster effects pedal

The Fire Bottle™ is a compact, tube boost pedal with a warm and musical personality. It’s essentially a vintage tube amplifier input stage in a pedal that works as a clean boost on lower gain settings or, when running at full-tilt, push your tube amp into beautiful overdrive. It can add some warmth and growl to thicken up your tone without losing definition and clarity. This pedal is specially designed to work with magnetic guitar pickups and is based on a new NOS (new old stock) subminature 6112 vacuum tube operating at true tube amplifier plate voltages. If you’re seeking a flexible boost pedal with a richer tone than germanium or silicon boost pedals then the Fire Bottle is the solution!

Glass-A Buffer

Glass-A Triode Buffer

The Glass-A™ model GL-1A triode buffer is specially designed to do just one thing very, very well – buffer the output signal from a musical instrument fitted with a high impedance pickups or transducer. The Glass-A buffers the pickup from cables and effect pedals input stages to prevent ‘loading’ which dulls and degrades the instrument’s tone. High voltage tube circuitry coupled with audiophile passive components makes the Glass-A a sonic dream! Its frequency response is essentially flat from below 5Hz to over 100KHz with a shallow roll-off to maintain low phase distortion. You will be astounded at the extra definition and clarity this little pedal will reveal in your guitar tone.

Tube Imp Mini Tube Tester

Tube Imp Mini Tube Tester

The Tube Imp Mini Tube Tester measures the steady state current, gain and transconductance characteristics of any B9A double triode tube with the standard ECC83/ECC88 footprint. Operating at 12VDC from the included external power supply, the Tube Imp offers matching and parameter testing of a range of commonly used double triode tubes at a price that is affordable to individual tube equipment enthusiasts as well as retail outlets small OEM concerns. Tubes that can be tested include ECC81/12AT7, ECC82/12AU7, ECC83/12AX7, ECC88/6DJ8WA/6922, ECC189 and ECC803.


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